The Widerström Building - office and education block

The office and education block called the Widerström Building is located at the junction of Solnavägen and Tomtebodavägen at the Solna Campus. With its strategic position, the building constitutes a part of Campus Solna's northern entrance.

The exterior of the Widerström building during the evening with snow outside.

The Widerström Building provide better facilities for the university's work with public health and other disciplines. It is also a key component of the joint Stockholm Life project as a world-leading life-science area and goes part way to realising the vision of an internationally renowned centre that brings together leading research, healthcare and business.

The building was completed in December 2012. In January 2013, the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), the Department of Global Public Health (GPH) and the Institute for Communicable Disease (SMI) moved in.

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Two blocks

The Widerström Building, designed by KOD Architects, is a narrow structure consisting of two blocks; a seven-storey one along Tomtebodavägen and a taller ten-storey one along Solnavägen. To help the building blend in to the existing structures, the block closest to the Institute for Communicable Disease along Tomtebodavägen is the same height as the surrounding buildings. The block along Solnavägen is taller and adapted to the environment that characterises the main public thoroughfare and the new university hospital.

With its premises space over 15,000 square meters, the building has 600 offices and teaching rooms on the two lower storeys.

Rött och vitt tegel i rader.

Red brick facades

The red brick, being a defining aesthetic of the Solna Campus, is repeated in the facades of house with bricks set into concrete elements.

The two lower floors of the block are glazed, making it possible for passers-by to see activities being carried on within. These two storeys are conceived as spaces for student interaction, education and meetings.

Sweden's first female doctor Karolina Widerström.

About the name Widerström

The office block called the Widerström Building (Widerströmska huset) has been named after the pioneer Karolina Widerström - Sweden's first female doctor. 

Facts about the Widerström Building

Name: The Widerström Building (Widerströmska huset)
Location: In the north-east part of the Solna Campus, at the junction of Solnavägen and Tomtebodavägen
Function: Office and teaching space
Number of workspaces: Approximately 600 offices and teaching rooms on the two lower floors
Tenants: Karolinska Institutet and the Institute for Communicable Disease
Property company: Akademiska Hus
Architect: KOD Architects
Commencement: March 2010
Completion: December 2012
Premises space: Approximately 15,000 sq. m

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