KI Campus Solna

On the campus area in Solna you will find Aula medica, Biomedicum and several other buildings and areas where education and research are conducted.

In recent years, a number of new buildings have been completed along Solnavägen: the Alfa, Beta and Gamma houses, which together make up Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Widerströmska huset and Aula Medica. Next to Aula Medica is Biomedicum, a building for experimental research. Biomedicum is linked to Karolinska University Hospital's research building via a connecting corridor to the other side of Solnavägen.

KI campus at Solna is now smoke-free, meaning that smoking will be prohibited both indoors and outside. There are no ashtrays on the campus. 

Karolinska University Hospital has been smoke-free for some time. However, smoking is still allowed in some public areas, such as Tomtebodavägen and Solnavägen.

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