Departure information for tenants staying at Berzelius väg

When your departure date (the last day of your contract) is near, you will receive an email with departure information. We ask that you read the information and follow the instructions below before your departure.

Preparing for departure

You need to clean the apartment properly (see checklist below) and leave it in a satisfactory condition.

Failure in doing so will result in our withholding part, or the total amount, of the deposit paid. SEK 500 per commenced work hour is charged.

Do you have a new address in Sweden?

If necessary, notify bank, tax office and social authorities of your new address (a general change of address is done by phone to Svensk Adressändring at 0771- 97 98 99. You can also contact them by using the live chat function on their website on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM.

KI Housing will remove your name from the postal box after your departure. Any letters addressed to you will be delivered to the new address.

Time of departure

Departure on a weekday: We kindly ask you to leave the apartment and return the keys to the key return box no later than 14.00 in the afternoon on the day of your departure.

Departure during weekends and holidays: Please return the keys to the key return box during the day of your departure.

Key return

We ask you to leave your keys in a key return box at Fogdevreten 13. The key return box is located on the main entrance floor, next to the entrance.

Please mark the key with your name and apartment number before returning them in the key return box. You can also place the keys in an envelope marked with your name and apartment number.

Cleaning instructions


  • vacuum clean the apartment including bed and upholstered furniture (sofa and chairs)
  • clean doors, furniture and closets with a wet cloth
  • wet clean floors including the skirting boards (also behind the furniture)
  • clean windows, window sills, ventilators and radiators
  • remove garbage and items not belonging to the accommodation
  • if you have moved any piece of furniture, return it to its original place

Remember to lock your apartment door before leaving!


  •  clean the bathroom including mirror, walls, cabinets (inside and outside), washbasin (inside and outside), toilet (inside and outside), bath tub, shower drain (remove the lid and clean underneath it) and wash the shower curtain at max 60°C


  • clean the whole kitchen area including walls and cupboards (do not forget to clean on top), drawers, refrigerator/freezer, stove, oven and kitchen fan
  • defrost refrigerator/freezer

After departure

How was your stay?

We hope that you had a great time in Stockholm and that you enjoyed being our tenant. KI Housing strives to make your stay as satisfying as possible so we kindly ask you to take a moment to complete our tenant satisfaction survey and let us know what you think about our accommodation.

Your comments and thoughts are important to us, and we appreciate you taking time to share them. In our efforts to provide good service, we take all of your comments into consideration. The survey should take about ten minutes to complete. In order to begin the survey, please go to this page.

Deposit return

Your deposit will not be returned automatically. You need to fill out the deposit reclaim form within two months after the day of your departure, otherwise the deposit will be withheld.

In order to get your deposit back, please follow the instructions about deposit. When we have received the correct information, your deposit will be returned within one month. Please note that the deposit will only be refunded to you if the keys are returned on time and the departure inspection is approved.

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