Moving out from KI Housing

Here you will find important instructions that you as a tenant must follow before and upon your departure.

Departure cleaning

The tenant needs to clean the accommodation properly before moving out. KI Housing has high expectations on the cleanliness of the accommodation after your departure. 

Have in mind that a departure cleaning must be thorough and you should expect it to take a considerable amount of time.

Final inspection

An inspection of the apartment/room is made after your departure. 

Failure in leaving the accommodation in a satisfactory condition will result in our withholding part, or the total amount, of the deposit paid. SEK 500 per commenced work hour is charged.

Cleaning instructions

KI Housing has compiled some cleaning instructions to help departing tenants not to miss any important steps in the cleaning procedure.


The tenant is obliged to report any new damages in the apartment/room with no delay. Damage that is caused by the tenant or has become manifest only after the final inspection will be charged to the tenant.

Time for departure – 14.00

We kindly ask you to leave the apartment/room and return the keys to the key return box no later than 14.00 in the afternoon on the day of your departure (the last day of your contract). The keys are to be returned to us on time on the day of departure, otherwise a part of your deposit will be withheld.

Change your postal address at Skatteverket

Upon departure, remember to notify Skatteverket of your new address

In Sweden, there is a postal service in which you can order a mail forwarding if moving within Sweden. 

KI Housing will remove your name from the postal box after your departure which means that no letters adressed to you will be delivered.

Departure information