Forskarstuderande vid enheten för transplantationskirurgi

Registrerade doktorander

Emil Bluhme

Neonatal donors: a potential donot source for cell and organ transplantation

Kristina Ehn

New plasma and platelet products; evaluation of hemostatic and functional properties in experimental study

Anna Gustafsson

Development and evaluation of new techniques for immunological follow-up after solid organ transplantation

Vera Nilsén

A study on liver transplantation – immunological mechanisms in health and allograft rejection and the need for organs for transplantation

Johan Nordström

Improved preservation of organs for transplantation: Experimental studies on organs from brain dead porcine donors

Antonio Romano

Assessment of the liver graft quality and strategies to reduce ischemic-reperfusion injury using dynamic preservation techniques

Felicia Rydeberg Kjaernet

ABO-incompatible transplantations with organs from decreased and living donors

Nils Ågren

Donor specific tolerance induction in transplantation; characterization of immunomodulatory cells
Agneta Wittlock