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Registrerade doktorander

Bluhme, Emil

Emil Bluhme Emil Bluhme
Registrerad: 2018-06-20
"Neonatal donors: a potential donot source for cell and organ transplantation"

Erlandsson, Helen

Helen Erlandsson Helen Erlandsson
Registrerad: 2017-06-30
"Renal transplantation in elderly recipients; risk factors, outcomes, quality of life and predictive pretransplant markers for patient and graft survival"

Gaballa, Ahmed

  Ahmed Gaballa
Registrerad: 2017-03-18
"Role of gamma/delta T cells in HSCT; Clinical outcome, in vitro expansion methods and response to cytostatic drugs"

Johansson, Helen

Helene Johansson Helen Johansson
Registrerad: 2013-10-25
"The role of fibroblast growth factorm 19 (FGF19) in human liver"

Karadagi, Ahmad

Ahmad Karadagi Ahmad Karadagi
Registrerad: 2015-03-23
"Preconditioning strategies in hepatocyte transplantation."

Larsson, Linda

Linda Larsson
Registrerad: 2017-06-20
"Development of new blood bank strategies for production of red blood cells"

Nordström, Johan

  Johan Nordström
Registrerad: 2012-06-04
"Improved preservation of organs for transplantation: Experimental studies on organs from brain dead porcine donors"

Rådestad, Emelie

  Emelie Rådestad
Registrerad: 2017-02-17
"Co-stimulation and co-inhibition of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes in solid tumors."

Sönnerborg, Isabella

Isabella Sönnerborg Isabella Sönnerborg
Registrerad: 2017-04-07
"Exploration of tissue-resident lymphocytes and their role in liver transplantation"

Wang, Tengyu

  Tengyu Wang
Registrerad: 2017-03-08
"The effect of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell graft composition on immune reconstitution and clinical outcome"

Yao, Ming Han

Ming Han Yao Ming Han Yao
Registrerad: 2017-04-07
"Achieving long-term allograft acceptance following transplantation by targeting innate and adative immune responses"