About StratCan

The Strategic Research Programme in Cancer (StratCan) combines cancer biology with clinical oncology by bringing together top level cancer scientists from different disciplines. The overall goal is to generate new scientific discoveries that can be rapidly translated into clinical practice for the benefit of patients and society. The programme is supported by the government through the strategic initiatives.

StratCan Executive Board 2016-19

The KI Board of Research took the decision regarding the StratCan Executive Board 2016-2019 on May 25th, 2016 (Dekanusbeslut 2016:44) and the new board is active until December 31, 2019.

Director: Jonas Bergh (OnkPat), Co-Directors: Kamila Czene (MEB), Arne Östman (OnkPat). Steering group: Martin Bergö (BioNut), Eva Hellström-Lindberg (MedH), Lars Holmgren (OnkPat), Olli Kallioniemi (SciLifeLab), Sonia Lain (MTC), Andreas Lundqvist (OnkPat), Anna Martling (MMK) and Jussi Taipale (MBB).

Professor/senior physician

Jonas Bergh

Phone: 08-517 743 10
Organizational unit: Research Group Bergh, Jonas
E-mail: Jonas.Bergh@ki.se


Kamila Czene

Phone: 08-524 861 44
Organizational unit: Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB), C8
E-mail: Kamila.Czene@ki.se


Arne Östman

Phone: 08-517 702 32
Organizational unit: Research Group Östman, Arne
E-mail: Arne.Ostman@ki.se


Martin Bergö

Organizational unit: Bergö
E-mail: martin.bergo@ki.se

Professor/senior physician

Eva Hellström Lindberg

Phone: 08-585 825 06
Organizational unit: Unit for Hematology
E-mail: Eva.Hellstrom-Lindberg@ki.se


Lars Holmgren

Phone: 08-517 793 17
Organizational unit: Research Group Holmgren, Lars
E-mail: Lars.Holmgren@ki.se


Sonia Lain

Phone: 08-524 846 03
Organizational unit: Sonia Lain group
E-mail: sonia.lain@ki.se


Andreas Lundqvist

Phone: 08-517 768 59
Organizational unit: Research Group Lundqvist, Andreas
E-mail: Andreas.Lundqvist@ki.se

Professor/senior physician

Anna Martling

Phone: 08-517 728 02
Organizational unit: Colorectal Surgery
E-mail: Anna.Martling@ki.se


Jussi Taipale

Phone: 08-585 868 95
Organizational unit: Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut), H2
E-mail: jussi.taipale@ki.se

The StratCan programme operates under the auspices of the Karolinska Institutet Board of Research. The daily management and leadership is the responsibility of the director, Prof. Jonas Bergh, together with two deputy directors, Prof. Kamila Czene and Prof. Arne Östman. The Executive Board meets every second month and makes decisions on resource allocation and strategic issues.

StratCan has a dedicated programme manager, PhD Sandra Falck, running daily operational tasks of the programme. Prof. Klas Wiman is in charge of StratCan innovation and commercialization strategies, and PhD Mats Ferm based at KI Innovations AB, works as Innovation Officer for StratCan since March 2014.

StratCan Executive Board 2010-16

StratCan's first 5-year period was successfully headed by Director Rune Toftgård (BioNut). The StratCan Co-Directors were Roger Henriksson (RCC) and Arne Östman (OnkPat). Steering group: Jonas Bergh (OnkPat), Dan Grander (OnkPat), Henrik Grönberg (MEB), Rolf Kiessling (OnkPat), Monica Nistér (OnkPat), Galina Selivanova (MTC).

The StratCan Faculty Board 2010-2016 was composed of the 10 original PIs of the StratCan application (2010-2014), and the coordinators and vice coordinators of the three Thematic Translational Centers. The directors of the two Linné centers were present among the 10 original PIs. In addition the coordinators of the research school (NatiOn), the molecular pathology program, the biobanking molecular resource infrastructure (BBMRI), the chairman of the KICancer network and the chairs of three main cancer research departments were affiliated members.


In 2009 the Swedish Government designated in the Government Bill on Research Policy that 20 strategic research areas were to be prioritized; Cancer was one area. Cancer is represented nationally by three programmes: StratCan at Karolinska Institutet, U-CAN (Universities of Uppsala & Umeå) and BioCare (Universities of Lund & Gothenburg).

Cancer as a strategic research area is motivated by the fact that cancer is one of the world's most common diseases and a major cause of death. In Sweden it is expected that cancer incidence will continue to rise and that cancer prevalence will double by 2030. New research strategies aiming at effective prevention and improved treatment are therefore urgently needed.

The programme, aiming to advance cancer research to the highest level, will build on and expand the existing strength in research on cancer biology at Karolinska Institutet. Specific initiatives will be introduced to enhance translation of basic research into improved means of cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

Understanding cancer biology is a prerequisite for the future success of cancer treatment and the proposed research themes fall within four interconnected areas that bridge basic science and clinical oncology:

  • Prevention and early detection
  • Functional annotation of genomic data
  • Tumor microenvironment
  • Targeted therapy and personalized treatment


Professor/senior physician

Jonas Bergh

Phone: 08-517 743 10
Organizational unit: Research Group Bergh, Jonas
E-mail: Jonas.Bergh@ki.se

Research coordinator

Sandra Falck

Phone: 08-524 810 50
Organizational unit: Toftgård
E-mail: sandra.falck@ki.se