Want to be a doctoral student at LIME?

How to become a doctoral (PhD) student at LIME and KI

To become a doctoral student at KI, you start by applying for one or more of the announced doctoral projects that are available at KI (see link "Available positions for doctoral education at KI" below). If you have your own funding in form of an external scholarship you can still apply for any of the announced projects but you can also try to establish a contact with a research group on your own. If the scholarship have been earned in competition with others the project might not have to be announced like the other projects. If you start your application procedure by applying to an announced doctoral education position, please take in mind that this part can take time.

Once you have been offered the announced position, you apply to be admitted to the doctoral education at the department of LIME following steps below. Link to page were you download Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 are further down this section.

  • Apply for a certificate of general eligibility for doctoral education (Form 1: Application for assessment of eligibility to doctoral education). Please note that the form should be sent to the central administration, not to LIME (address on the the form). This procedure can take up to three weeks.
  • Attach approved Form 1 to the application (in original).
  • Fill out Form 2: Application for admission to doctoral studies, written in English. Sign it.
  • Carefully fill out your individual study plan (Form 3: Individual study plan) with information about your supervisors, learning goals, what courses and other credit-awarding activities you are planning to do. Even if you are uncertain about some of the courses or activities, you need to have a first plan at least. Sign it together with supervisors and mentor. All written in English.
  • Attach your own CV as well as for your supervisors. Keep the CVs to a few pages. All written in English.
  • Proof of/ documents showing supervisor training. There are different requirements depending on previous supervisor experience. Link to page with important information about this is found below.  Every principal supervisor must pass the web course regardless of previous supervisor course. NOTE! Web courses for supervisor training may not be older than five years.
  • Formulate a research plan, max. 5 pages apart from references. Before starting, carefully read Instructions for writing research plans at LIME (below). Research plan is to be written in English.
  • Plan for financing (mandatory appendix 4) of the studies together with the supervisors. To be signed by principal financier provider or likewise. All written in English.
  • Hand in the application for admission to the administrator of doctoral education at the department before deadline (read more about this below). DO NOT USE STAPLES on your application (use paper clips) and also print it on ONE-SIDED pages only. Do not send it in digitally (by email) unless this has been previously agreed upon.

Link to Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 (together with instructions)

Link to doctoral supervisor training at KI

Instructions for writing research plans at LIME (UPDATED MAY 2016!)

Available positions for doctoral education at KI

Available positions doctoral education

Dates for admission seminars autumn 2016

You can hand in the application in person to administrator Ingrid Smedberg at her office at floor 4, Widerströmska buildning, or leave it in Ingrid Smedberg's postbox on floor 4. If you leave your application in Ingrid Smedberg's postbox - an email is to be sent the soonest after to ingrid.smedberg@ki.se stating that your application has been put in the postbox.

  • October 25. Deadline for formally correct and complete application to administrator Ingrid Smedberg is Thursday September 29 at 10am.
  • November 29. Deadline for formally correct and complete application to administrator Ingrid Smedberg is Thursday November 3 at 10am.

DO NOT USE STAPLES on your application (use paper clips) and also print it on ONE-SIDED pages only.

Read more below regarding updated criteria for a correct application and how to secure a spot on a seminar below!

NEW! Changes regarding admission seminars at LIME, starting autumn 2015

  • Instead of two regular admission seminars per semester, there will be three, starting this autumn with seminars in September, October, and November. In the spring, there will be seminars in February and May, as before, and one additional seminar somewhere in between.
  • The new way to secure a spot on the seminar will be by turning in a formally correct and complete application. Unless a submitted application is correct and complete, one will lose one's spot in the queue, with the exception of minor corrections that are handled within a limited time span. Anyone who has lost his/her spot in the queue can get a new spot by submitting a complete and correct application.
  • There will be a maximum of FOUR candidates per seminar. When a seminar is full, later applications will automatically be referred to the next seminar
  • Please read document below for more information regarding this new routine:

LIME_correct_and complete_application_criteria_starting_autumn_2015

Rules and general syllabus for doctoral education at KI

It is of importance to carefully read through Rules for doctoral education and general study plan / syllabus at Karolinska Institutet (link below). This applies for both supervisors and applicants.

Rules and general syllabus

Available positions for doctoral education at KI

Available positions doctoral education

Admission seminar procedure at LIME

The departmental Admission Board invites each applicant to an admission seminar. The seminars are held in English. As stated in Rules for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet, the applicant should present the following information:

  • Background, design and purpose of the research project contained within the individual study plan; main research question/s and methods clearly stated
  • A study schedule and the educational targets to be reached by the half time control and by the completion of studies

Each applicant is given 10 minutes for their presentation, which is followed by a question-and-answer session of about 15-20 minutes, where members of the board discuss the research plan with the applicant - supervisor take part in the discussion if directly addressed. After the discussion, board members meet separately to decide on a recommendation to the head of department. The boards recommendation is reported to the applicant within two weeks. Please use checklist below for how to structure a revision of your research plan, if a revision is requested by the board.


According to Rules for Doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet, the main supervisors must be present at the admission seminar. Co-supervisor(s) should attend if possible. The external mentor may attend. Supervisor(s) or mentor do not take part in the Admissions Board's decision.

From July 1, 2009, applicants are needed to identify themselves at the admission seminar with a Swedish ID card or passport.