Doctorate and Licentiate degree

The four year Doctoral educational program will lead to a Doctorate degree (Swe: Medicine doktorsexamen). This is the highest educational degree in Sweden. A degree from Karolinska Institutet is always expected to be of the highest international standard.

Doctoral degree

The dissertation process is protracted and time-consuming. Be prepared for between three and five months to elapse between your application to defend a thesis and the actual dissertation.

Applications to defend a doctorate thesis should be submitted to the Dissertation Committee no later than two weeks before the Committee meeting. Deadlines for applications to Dissertation Committee is found in link below.

IMPORTANT! The complete application is to be handed in to the departmental Administrator of doctoral education (Ingrid Smedberg) TWO weeks before last date for submitting it to the KI Dissertation Committee.

NEW! Changed rule regarding the number of published papers in a thesis! Starting from the autumn semester 2016, a doctoral thesis must include at least two papers that are accepted for publication. The remaining papers can, as before, be manuscripts. This is a change from the previous rule which states that at least half of the constituent papers must be published /accepted for publication. This applies to everyone with a public defence date in the autumn 2016 semester, regardless of when the application was filed. The total number of papers in a doctoral thesis can vary, as long as they in total have a scope and quantity equivalent to four years of full-time doctoral education.

NEW! Application form (form 9, found in link below) is updated as of January 22, 2016. Applications is from now on to be in some parts sent in by email (e-mail address in link below) as well as in some parts sent in by regular mail or handed in to the Dissertation Committee. Application is however always to be handed in to Administrator Ingrid Smedberg two weeks before. No signatures from Director of doctoral education or Head of department prior to handing it to Administrator (all other signatures complete).

Read more about meetings of the Dissertation Committee

Generally speaking, responsibility for keeping the dissertation process moving devolves on the supervisor, and to some extent on the student. Some service is provided by the administration, but it is up to the supervisor to keep a check on deadlines, rules and routines, forms etc.

Please carefully read through routines and checklists below. Remember to look through your Ladok-excerpt in good time and make sure you have all necessary credits according to your general syllabus.

Here you will find forms needed and can read more about defending a doctorate thesis at KI. NOTE! Updated application as of January 22, 2016 as well as new routines in handing in the application!

Practical pre-dissertation checklist for LIME ENGLISH updated_November_2017

Praktisk checklista inför disputation på LIME SVENSKA_uppdaterad_november_2017

Licentiate degree

Licentiate degree may be taken after two years' equivalent full-time doctoral study.

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