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Jeroen Goos

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Besöksadress: BioClinicum J5:20, Akademiska Stråket 1, Universitetssjukhuset Solna, 17176 Stockholm
Postadress: K8 Klinisk neurovetenskap, K8 Neuro Holmin Goos, 171 77 Stockholm


  • The focus of my research group lies with the development of new tools for the
    molecular imaging and treatment of patients with cancer. We use synthetic
    molecules, but also biological compounds, that are labelled with radioactive
    isotopes to specifically target the sites in the body where tumours are
    located. Some of these isotopes can be detected using diagnostic imaging
    devices (e.g. PET), whereas other isotopes are more suited for the delivery
    of therapeutic doses of radioactivity that kill the tumour cells.
    Our first research line aims at developing minimally invasive, nuclear
    treatment strategies for patients that suffer from brain cancer. We are
    using natural peptides and bispecific antibodies that are capable to
    cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and then specifically bind to tumour
    In our second research line, we are developing new (radio)chemistry to
    improve current pretargeting strategies. The pretargeting strategy
    attempts to decrease radioactive doses to healthy tissues by injecting the
    targeting vector (e.g. an antibody) and radioactive ligand separately, which
    then ligate within the target tissue. By optimising the chemical and
    physiological properties of both, the radioactive doses to healthy
    tissues can significantly be reduced.
    In our third research line, we use imaging isotopes to track immune cells in
    the human body during immune cell therapy.


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