For researchers

Researchers can apply for access to data from the AMORIS cohort for well defined research projects that are in line with the overall research agenda for the cohort.

The current theme for this agenda is metabolic abnormalities and inflammation in relation to chronic disease. All research conducted using the AMORIS cohort needs an ethical approval. If a study clearly falls under the ethical approval of the general AMORIS research plan this could be sufficient for the proposed study. Approval to conduct the study needs also to be obtained by the Steering group, and formal agreements need to be signed, see details in Policy document.

The AMORIS cohort database is stored at IMM and can be accessed from anywhere inside or outside of Karolinska institutet through a SecureLan remote access solution. Through this well protected, encrypted and safe remote data access system the researcher has access to statistical programs and can create analysis datasets, tables, figures and the text/manuscript. All data and resulting files are stored inside SecureLan without any files leaving IMM. Tables, figures, text and other files that do not include any sensitive information can be transferred out from SecureLAN only by users that are associated to KI/IMM. For applications regarding data access or for more information on how to access data from the AMORIS cohort please contact the chair Niklas Hammar or the vice chair Göran Walldius.

Miranda Beck