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KI Biobank assists researchers with advice on how to start a sample collection, how the specimen should be collected and labeled, and what legal requirements that must be met in order to be able to collect human biological samples. We help to establish the necessary agreements under the Biobank Act, such as extradition treaty, multicenter agreements and Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). We offer sample handling, such as plasma- and serum aliquoting, DNA extraction, formatting of samples before analysis, and assistance with various forms of transportation. We also provide robust IT systems, ensuring full traceability of each sample for customers with samples stored at the KI Biobank as well as other departments at KI/SLL.

Starting a new biobank study

At the start of a new sample collection we help you with legal and ethical aspects, such as ethical application, consent and donor information. We have many years’ experience of pre-analytic sample handling and can give advice on what samples should be taken and how they should be handled for your specific research project. Contact us in good time before the planned starting date. We need approximately four weeks to set up the study and integrate it into our automated or manual processes.

For more information contact our coordinator.

Biobank coordinator


Biobank Service

Our biobank services cover three main areas:

Study start-up

Advice throughout the different phases of the research study. For example, before you start your collection, we can help you with the ethics application, consent forms and sample donor information.

Sample handling

We ensure that your research samples are securely stored in alerted freezers, and that each tube is traceable. We extract DNA from blood, cells and tissue. Further, we can prepare the viable cells. On behalf of the researcher, we pick out samples from each collection and send them to the designated laboratory for analysis.


For traceability and sample registration for researchers storing samples at other departments at KI and at SLL who are lacking systems of their own, we provide the service SCARAB-LIMS. SCARAB-LIMS is a flexible system which keeps track of samples and data. The system can easily be adapted to researchers’ specific demands for their research projects. Within the project MyResearch, an IT infrastructure is being developed for the collection of individual-based data from multiple information sources and / or longitudinal measurements as well as information on biological samples. MyResearch is a VR-funded project. Information about the project can be found at

For questions and offers regarding our services contact the Biobank coordinator, E-mail:

Withdrawal of Samples

To pick out samples from your sample collection fill in the form Withdrawal Order (Withdrawal Order REMP if the samples are in REMP tubes). You should also prepare an Excel file with Sample donor ID. The sample donor ID can be one of two types, either CDK (Customer Donor Key) or RID (Referral ID). The order form and the Excel file should be sent via e-mail to, and also a paper copy with the signature of the principal investigator via ordinary mail to KI Biobank, MEB, Karolinska Institutet, Box 281, SE-171 77 Stockholm.

If your samples should be analyzed outside Karolinska Institutet you need to have a Material Transfer Agreement  (MTA), signed by the receiving laboratory and the head of KI Biobank.

Withdrawal Order


KI Biobank also stores data collected in research studies. If you want to withdraw data you need to fill in the form Data Withdrawal Order. Attach a list of variables, a Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) and an ethical approval. These should be sent via e-mail to

KIBB Data Withdrawal order

KI Biobank service catalogue

The KI Biobank service catalogue gives more information about our services. 

Price list

See KI Biobank price list for biobank services 2018 effective as of 1 June 2018.