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For research groups with samples stored in their own freezers, we offer a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) adapted to manage sample and sample donor-related data. LIMS and its peripheral systems support research groups with the start-up of studies, collection of sample and sample donor data, data management such as visualization of data and withdrawals.


The system handles sample and sample provider data and is an excellent quality tool. Everything that is done, for example logins and handling of tests, analyzes and results is saved. All data is searchable using graphical search tools. In LIMS, samples and their associated data are handled in such a way that the integrity of samples and sample donors is protected.

An extensive project is currently underway to upgrade the infrastructure for this, release is planned in 2024.


LifeGene and EpiHealth are two unique research projects that aim to provide better knowledge of how our genes and our environment interact in a range of different diseases. Together, survey data, samples, measurement values ​​and results from health checks are stored at KI Biobank from approx. 75,000 unique individuals and are an excellent resource to use for your research. Genotype data is also available for approx. 25,000 individuals.

For sample and data useage, we refer to the respective website for LifeGene and EpiHealth.


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