High throughput (HTP) Protein Crystallography Consumables

We provide the consumables listed below for use at the PSF protein crystallization platform only

PSF MX consumables
Crystallization Plates Vendor Product code Robot use
96 well Corning, #3550, 3 drop Sigma-Aldrich CLS-3550 Mosquito/Imager
96-3 iQ TTP Labtech TTP Labtech 4150-05800 Mosquito/Imager
96 well Hanging 1-3 drop TTP Labtech 4150-05700 Mosquito/Imager
24 well IntelliPlate - 4 drop Art Robbins 102-0004-00 Tecan/Imager
24 well Hampton - X drop Hampton Research HR3-306 Tecan/Imager
96 well SwissCI LCP plate Hampton Research HR3-186 Mosquito/Imager
96 well Imp@ct microbatch Hampton Research HR3-099 Mosquito/Imager
96 well MRC - 3 drop Hampton Research HR3-123 Mosquito/Imager
96 well Intelliplate, 3 drop ArtRobbins 102-0001-03 Mosquito/Imager
Other Plates etc.
96 well Greiner Deep Well BioNordika 780201 Tecan/Phoenix
PCR tubes in coolblock Axygen PCR-02-C Tecan
Clear Seal Film Hampton Research HR4-521 Mosquito/Imager
Hanging Drop Tape TTP Labtech 4150-05600 Mosquito/Imager
Adhesive PCR Foil Seal ThermoFischer AB-0626 Phoenix/Tecan
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Martin Moche