NatMEG Core Facility - user guidelines

NatMEG is a national infrastructure, available for researchers from all across Sweden. Already within 1 year after opening, research teams from Gothenburg, Umeå, Lund, Linköping, and Stockholm have begun accessing the facilities, addressing a wide array of topics.

User agreement

To initiate a project at NatMEG, researchers apply for access and support by signing a NatMEG user agreement.

NatMEG not only provides access to the superbly equipped MEG lab, but also provides training and support to users in experimental design, piloting, measurements and analysis.

NatMEG checkpoints

You can get an overview of when, during the research project process, our team can offer support, and what parts of the process are typically the researcher's responsibility.

NatMEG driver's license

To do MEG measurements on your own at the NatMEG Core Facility, you need to attend our driver's license training.

The course is aimed at researchers at all stages who are interested in or plan to run a MEG study. The driver's license is mandatory for all users of the NatMEG Core Facility, including PI, PhD students, and assistants helping out during data collection, as long as they will have to work in the lab.

Researchers who are either involved in an ongoing project or starting a new project at NatMEG, will be given priority when signing up.

How to register

If you are interested in taking the training, send an email to, and include your name, email, affiliation, and explain briefly why you wish to take the course.

The NatMEG driver's license training is free of charge. There are a limited amount of available spots for the course. Researchers who are either attached to an ongoing project or starting up a new project at NatMEG will be given priority when signing up.

NatMEG access

The first step to get access to the NatMEG services and support is to apply for an account in the iLab booking system. This system will be used for all bookings, service requests as well as introduction/training.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

NatMEG safety

Following standard operating procedures, there are no additional safety concerns doing MEG.

  • Always be two in lab
  • Respect MEG procedures
  • Be aware

Only operate when gantry position is ok.

In case the alarm goes off (fire, oxygen, other)

  • Talk to and calm the participant
  • Get the participant out of the MSR
  • Evacuate

In case participant gets ill (seizure, panic-attacks, other)

  • Talk to and calm the participant and ask what is going wrong
  • Get in the MSR
  • Get the participant out
  • Call 112

Good practice

Health risks

  • Clean equipment after use
  • Throw away used electrodes, tape and other disposables. Do not throw away HPI coils. These are to be cleaned and returned.
  • Make sure used clothing and pillowcases go in the laundry bin
  • Used EEG syringe goes in separate bin
  • No metallic objects inside the MSR (phone, wristwatch, jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earring, etc., wallets, coins, access cards, belts, etc.). This applies to you and your participants!
  • Operate equipment with skill and respect.

Following standard operating procedures, there are no additional safety concerns doing MEG.

In case anything happens (equipment failure, other)

  • Test equipment is connected and turned on. Do not swith, change or unplug equipment unless you know what you are doing.
  • Reset/Restart
  • Call for assistance (phone numbers on the wall above the phone)