Our offer – A collection of genetically modified mouse model services

The KCTT Transgenic Core Facility provides services in the field of mouse transgenesis and associated techniques. Our main service portfolio centers around creating, rederiving, and cryopreserving genetically modified mouse (GMM) strains. We also offer additional services as listed below.

Mouse in lab on hand
A genetically modified B6;129 chimeric mouse. Photo: KCTT

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is a partner of the INFRAFRONTIER consortium, which governs the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA). EMMA is the primary European non-profit repository to collect, archive, and distribute GMM strains for the research community and KCTT serves as the operational Swedish node. Customers with scientifically valuable strains they have created can upon approval get them cryopreserved free of charge. Learn more and apply.

Service portfolio

We provide the generation of new GMM models via three principal methods:

  • Microinjection of mouse zygotes with DNA constructs for the creation of classical transgenic mice.
  • Electroporation of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) with DNA targeting constructs and subsequent blastocyst microinjection for creation of gene targeted mice.
  • Microinjection or electroporation of mouse zygotes with CRISPR/Cas components for creation of gene edited mice.
    • We collaborate with the CRISPR Functional Genomics (CFG) unit at KI in offering design of the editing strategy and ordering of CRISPR components. CFG will offer a separate quote for the editing design and CRISPR reagent cost.

Screening and/or genotyping of the G0 offspring can be offered as a service as well as managing the breeding of any identified G0 candidate animal for germline transmission.

We provide the rederivation of existing GMM strains from:

  • Fresh or frozen mouse sperm via in vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • Fresh or frozen mouse embryos.
  • Strains with certain unwanted microbial or viral health status may be decontaminated into FELASA specific-pathogen free (SPF) standard through this procedure.

We provide the cryopreservation of existing GMM strains as:

  • Sperm.
  • 2-cell stage embryos generated via IVF or from natural matings.

In addition to the mESC gene targeting service listed under mouse strain generation, we offer the following associated services:

  • Derivation of new mESC lines from existing GMM strains.
  • Chromosome quantification of mESC lines.
  • Testing of cell cultures for mycoplasma.
  • Provision of mitotically inactivated mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs).
  • Provision of mESC lines.

Various services include:

  • Long-term cryostorage of frozen sperm and embryo straws.
  • Rent of liquid nitrogen dry shipper for shipment of cryopreserved strains to and from KCTT.
  • PCR genotyping of GMM strains.
  • Consultation in mouse genetics and breeding.

Fees, booking, and invoicing

To request services of our core facility, you need to login to our booking system, iLab. Researchers affiliated to Karolinska Institutet should preferably use their digital KI ID to create an account in iLab. It is also possible to use a so-called SWAM ID via another Swedish university or to register a separate personal account. Invoicing is managed via the booking system.

  • We have a set price list for standard services, which is visible when you log in to iLab.
  • For more complex services such as the creation of new GMM models, we will provide a quote after establishing with you what type of model and options are needed.
  • As specified, for some services, additional costs such as purchase of mice, housing, shipping, veterinary service, administration of complex imports/exports, etc., may accrue. Commercial enterprises need to pay VAT.

For full price list or a quote, please contact us on kctt@km.ki.se.

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