BEA - our offer

BEA provides resources and services to support research needs for high-throughput genomics. The analyses are performed with different sequencing and microarray platforms which support a number of different applications. BEA aims to provide high quality and internationally competitive infrastructure and service including associated data analysis.

Importantly, BEA offers comprehensive pay-for-service solutions at all stages of the analysis, from experimental design to bioinformatics support, which includes extraction and quality control services of RNA/DNA, microarray processing, library preparation and sequencing services on a variety of platforms. 

BEA operates as a core facility offering services with a strict “fee-for-service” and “first-come-first-served” principle. The overall principle for financing the operations at BEA is that customer fees cover costs reagents, premises, operating investments and KI indirect costs (INDI). BEA informs and updates the services on the external BEA website where information about the platforms, the different assays and an updated price list can be found.

After consultation and information about the different available services a project is initiated and presented in iLabs for acceptance. The queue time for a project at BEA will start when samples are handed to the core facility.