BEA - Instrumentation

The Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis core facility has a variety of instruments for different applications, enabling effective throughput and scaling. For sequencing BEA uses the Illumina sequencing instruments which generate large amounts of sequence data in parallel. The instruments operate with different operating formats depending on the number of samples and the sequencing depth that is required.

For genotyping and DNA methylation analysis BEA uses the Illumina iScan system with the Illumina Infinium microarray technique which provides a large number of different formats and panels. In addition, BEA also provide the Affymetrix and Agilent microarray platforms with many different genotyping and gene expression options for human samples and model organisms.

Available instrumentation in the core facility.
Illumina Nextseq 2000.

Illumina Nextseq 2000

The NextSeq 2000 Sequencing system contains the latest instrument design to miniaturize the volume of the sequencing reaction while increasing output and reducing the cost per run. The NextSeq 2000 uses patterned flow cells and a novel resolution optics system that yields highly accurate imaging data higher sensitivity than previous systems. Different output reagents sizes are available from 50-600 cycles generating >1200 Mreads/run.

Available instrumentation in the core facility.
Illumina Nextseq 550.

Illumina Nextseq 550

The NextSeq 550 System is a robust high-throughput benchtop sequencer suitable for broad range of different applications with SBS chemistry for exome, transcriptome, and targeted resequencing. Nextseq 550 reagent kits with different cycles are available from 75-300 cycles. 

Available instrumentation in the core facility.
Illumina Miseq.

Illumina Miseq

The MiSeq system enables small sequencing projects and is optimized for a variety of applications, including amplicon sequencing, small genomes and 16S metagenomics. System is ideal for focused sequencing, smallRNA-Seq, library QC, prokaryotic samples, small genome sequencing and targeted capture.

Available instrumentation in the core facility.
Illumina iScan.

Illumina iScan

The iScan system from Illumina is a bead microarray scanner used for analyzing SNP genotypes or CpG DNA methylation sites prepared with the Illumina Infinium assay.

Available instrumentation in the core facility.
Affymetrix GeneChip system.

Affymetrix GeneChip system

The GeneChip system from Thermo allows analysis of the Affymetrix Clariom D/S and Gene ST arrays to investigate global gene expression profiles in different formats for a wide range of organisms.

Available instrumentation in the core facility.
10x Genomics Chromium.

10X Genomics Chromium

The Chromium from 10X Genomics can partition thousands of cells in a single run using the Next GEM technology where cells are labeled with an identifying barcode for downstream sequencing analysis. The encapsulating process is fast and up to 8 cell populations can be separated in parallel within minutes. After library preparation and sequencing data can be analyzed with the free Cell Ranger and Loupe cell browser software.