Study on support for anxious parents

The study 'Prevention of Anxiety Disorders in Children of Parents with Anxiety' examines the impact of providing support to parents suffering from anxiety. The aim is to reduce the risk that children developing hindering anxiety.

The project commenced in 2021 at the Department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet and encompasses 215 families. Currently, three-year follow-ups with the study participants are being conducted, and enrollment in the study is closed.

Illustrator: Lotta Sjöberg


Developing preventive interventions that can reduce the risk of anxiety in children is an important area of research. Anxiety and worry are common in children, and children of parents who suffer from anxiety constitute a particular risk group.

Against this background, we aimed to investigate whether support for anxious parents can promote children's mental well-being and reduce the risk of them being hindered by anxiety and fear. By providing parents with increased knowledge and the opportunity to practice concrete parenting strategies, we hope to observe positive effects on children's well-being over time.

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Johan Åhlén

Project manager

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The Swedish Research Council

Söderströmska - Königska foundation

Fredrik and Ingrid Thuring’s foundation


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