Health consequences of income loss and lower education

The overarching aim of these projects are to increase our knowledge about:

1) the health consequences of income loss in Sweden, as well as the economic burden at the national level 

2) educational inequalities in death coding practices in Sweden and disease history prior to death.  

Attention is also paid to exploring how different levels of education and educational mobility in mid-life may affect health.  


Contacts for the project

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Emilie Agardh

Principal Researcher

Authia Gray

PhD student


Does educational mobility in mid-life affect mortality? A cohort study covering 1.3 million individuals in Sweden.
Balaj M, Sjöqvist H, van der Velde L, Allebeck PA, Shaaban AN, Swartling Peterson S, Eikemo TA, Agardh EE
SSM Popul Health 2024 Mar;25():101589

Income-based differences in healthcare utilization in relation to mortality in the Swedish population between 2004-2017: A nationwide register study.
Flodin P, Allebeck P, Gubi E, Burström B, Agardh EE
PLoS Med 2023 Nov;20(11):e1004230

Educational level and the risk of mental disorders, substance use disorders and self-harm in different age-groups: A cohort study covering 1,6 million subjects in the Stockholm region.
Li B, Allebeck P, Burstöm B, Danielsson AK, Degenhardt L, Eikemo TA, Ferrari A, Knudsen AK, Lundin A, Manhica H, Newton J, Whiteford H, Flodin P, Sjöqvist H, Agardh EE
Int J Methods Psychiatr Res 2023 Dec;32(4):e1964

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