Ongoing SFO-V activities 2022

This year's seminars, workshops, lectures and workshops, organised and financed by SFO-V:


Global Bridges 2022

Call for Global Bridges project funds. It will be possible to apply for the program before Christmas. The call will be open from December 20, 2021- to February 16, 2022.  



Steering group SFO-V meeting on February 23rd. 



24th at 12.00 hrs

Lunchseminar: Physical activity and sedentary life among seniors  

Does the activity pattern differ between the sexes and can dopamine regulation explain differences in motivation for physical activity? 

Ing-Mari Dohrn, PhD, lecturer, and currently working as a researcher and teacher at the Division of Physiotherapy, Dept of Neurobiology, Health Care Sciences and Society



Steering group SFO-V meeting on April 20th.



19th at 12.00 hrs

Lunchseminar: Hur kan studier med samskapande design bidra till kunskapsutveckling inom hälsovetenskap?

Eric Asaba, universitetslektor & docent i arbetsterapi och biträdande prefekt vid Institutionen för neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle (NVS) vid Karolinska Institutet



Sabbatical 2022

Steering group SFO-V meeting on June 15-16



Steering group SFO-V meeting on August 24



Steering group SFO-V meeting on October 19


September 12-16 

Global Bridges at Hasseludden in Stockholm 

There will be international seminars, lectures, workshops and gatherings together with our international guests



Steering group SFO-V meeting on November 23




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