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Ongoing SFO-V activities

Here you can find all seminars, workshops, lectures and workshops, organised and financed by SFO-V, as well as award winners affiliated with SFO-V:


  • September 10  Seminar: A public health perspective on dying and death by Ida Goliath, SFO-V Fellow
  • September 9-10  Conference: Global Bridges
    Hotel Hasselbacken, Djurgården
  • August 29-30  SFO-V strategic retreat
    Görvälns slott, Järfälla
  • June 12  eHealth Core Facility workshop
    11:00-13:00 KI Solna, Biomedicum 3
  • June 11  Meeting Executive Management SFO-V
    13:00-16:00 D3, Alfred Nobels Allé 23
  • June 10  Academic leadership course: Leadership at community level, with Stephanie Bonn SFO-V Fellow
    8.30-16.30 rum 508, Aula medica, Solnavägen 6, Solna eller Vårdvetarhuset lokal A201, Umeå
  • May 23  Seminar: Live life! a dialogue on elderly's possibilities to influence everyday life in a nursing home with Lena Rosenberg, SFO-V Fellow
    13:30-15:30 Stureby vård och omsorgsboende
  • 17 maj  Professor Christina Opava, Director of SFO-V, has been awarded by World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) with 2019 ‘Leadership in Rehabilitation Award’
  • May 17  Seminar: Exercise’s role for patients with cancer with Kate Bolam, SFO-V Fellow
    08:00-09:00 Clarence Craaford (NKS) A5:04
  • April 23  Seminar: Increasing participation and improving health through digital self-care tools - ongoing studies with Stephanie Bonn, SFO-V Fellow
    15:00-16:00 Lin, plan 4, Solnavägen 1E, Akademiskt Specialistcentrum
  • April 8  Meeting Executive Management SFO-V
    09:30-12:30 W8, Tomtebodavägen 18a, Solna
  • March 27  Seminar: Managing innovation in a University Hospital with Pamela Mazzocato, SFO-V Fellow
    09:30-11:30 Innovationsplatsen C1:77, Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge
  • March 22  Seminar: Exercise’s role for patients with cancer and the results from the OptiTrain-trials with Kate Bolam, SFO-V Fellowv
    08:00 Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge & Solna
  • March 20  Seminar: Structured conversations on values and priorities in the end-of-life care for elderly with Ida Goliath, SFO-V Fellow
  • February 7  Meeting Executive Management SFO-V
    13:00-16:00 D3, Alfred Nobels Allé 23
  • January 22  Presentation Core Facility eHealth KI
    13:00-17:00 Room 4Y, Alfred Nobels Allé 8