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KI Biobank's IT Services


SCARAB-LIMS is a data management system with functions adapted for traceability of biobank samples and is available for research groups within KI or Region Stockholm who want to keep track of samples in their own freezers. KI Biobank has developed a biobank template of this system in association with the system supplier, LabWare.

The system contains a number of modules, which can be put together and configured according to need and requirements. The system, which above all handles data about samples and sample donors, can be considered as a quality tool, and everything done in the system, for example sample handling, analyses and results is saved and searchable. The purpose of SCARAB-LIMS is to secure that samples and associated data are handled in such a way that samples and the integrity of the sample donor are protected.


MyResearch is an IT infrastructure, funded by the Swedish Research Council. The aim is to support research within medical, behavioural and social sciences and is currently used by LifeGene among others. 

MyResearch is a tool to collect individual-based data from multiple information sources and / or longitudinal measurements as well as information on biological samples. It facilitates handling of study participants, communication, data collection via surverys and / or lab instruments. 


For more information about SCARAB-LIMS or MyResearch, please contact the biobank at


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