KCTT Transgenic core facility

KCTT is the mouse transgenic core facility at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and is located at the Solna campus. KCTT belongs to Comparative Medicine.

We offer services primarily to research groups at KI but are also open to external customers as far as our capacity allows. We are mainly financed by a KI core facility grant and user fees.

Pronuclear micro injection of a mouse zygote. Photo: KCTT, KI.

Let us make you an offer

Not sure what you want, how to do it or how much it will cost? Please contact us on kctt@km.ki.se, schedule a meeting and/or visit our homepage in the KI facility booking system iLab.

Your needs in our solutions

KCTT is part of the core facility management (CFM) system iLab at KI and all requests for services should be placed through that system whether you are an internal or external customer.

KCTT is open to both KI internal and external customers, but priority will be given to KI research groups since we are financially supported by KI. For that reason, service charges are differentiated depending on being internal or external, academic or industry. Please contact us for a price quote for our services.

To find instructions how to register as a new user, internal or external, and to find more information about the system, please visit the CFM iLab project page. As a registered user, for all services above, except rederivation, you can go directly to KCTT’s iLab page to place a request. You can also register as a new user from there.

For rederivation services, please place the request at Import Portal’s iLab page.

Services offered

  • CRISPR/Cas technology
  • Gene targeting in mESC
  • Pronuclear DNA microinjections
  • Cryopreservation of GMM strains as embryos or sperm
  • Rederivation of GMM strains from fresh or frozen embryos and sperm
  • Derivation of new mESC lines from existing GMM strains