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The eHealth Core Facility represents a multidisciplinary team in eHealth with high international recognition and competence in health informatics, human computer interaction, internet-based psychological treatment, mobile devices-based lifestyle interventions, as well as standardization and integration of research data.

We support healthcare science researchers in building evidence-based eHealth applications.

We provide researchers within KI with the possibility to

  • publish smartphone apps in App Store, under the developer Karolinska Institutet.

Once you have developed an iOS app, you need to publish it to Apple’s App Store in order for study participants or, after implementation, patients and other parts of the public to be able to download and use the app. If you have developed an app as part of a Karolinska Insitutet eHealth research project, you have the possibility to publish the app as an official "Karolinska Institutet development". This will ensure downloaders that the app has been developed and tested within KI.

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We can help you develop and test mobile phone based interventions. We provide support from mHealth ideas, through software development, usability testing and clinical trials.

  • On-demand Software DevelopmentWe can custom develop smartphone apps to suit your needs. We work with open source software in order to ensure sustainability in research. You can find more information on open source software here.
  • Design: We can help you design your smartphone app to suit your needs.
  • Content: We can provide digital content for promoting behavioral change in multiple fields (e.g. nutrition, physical activity, psychiatric disorders).
  • Usability testing: We can help you make sure the product is easy to use and suitable for your population.
  • Publication: We can publish your KI-developed IOS smartphone app under the developer Karolinska Insitutet in Apple's App Store.
  • Implementation: We can provide support for implementation of your mHealth solution.

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We provide support for development, content design, evaluation and implementation of your online intervention.

  • Setting up an online therapeutic intervention: We provide support for setup of the the eHealth intervention in your study.
  • Design: We can help you design your online treatment to suit the population of your study. We have experience in working with eHealth in young children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of physical and psychiatric conditions.
  • Content: We can provide treatment content for promoting behavioral change in multiple fields (e.g. different psychiatric disorders, nutrition).
  • Usability testning: We can help you make sure the product is easy to use and suitable for your population.
  • Implementation: We can provide support for implementation of your Internet delivered intervention.

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We provide services for easy and secure online participant registration and data collection.

  • Online assessments: BASS offers advanced technology for collecting longitudinal survey data from participants. The platform can be configured to serve any type of survey within any timeframe (e.g. daily, weekly, two years after treatment completion). Clinical data such as case report forms can be stored (CRF). An advanced report generation tool allows for selective de-identified export of data from the database. The data can then be analyzed in any statistical software. Online study administrators can see longitudinal graphs of all assessments.
  • Online study participant registration: Through BASS, the eHealth Core Facility provide an easy way to manage your study participant registrations online. The service, available from the domain of your choice (, allows potential or confirmed participants to be presented with surveys that collect demographic and clinical information. The system provides automatic assignment of study ID and a secure handling of passwords.
  • A unique solution for your study? The eHealth Core Facility can develop custom-made software for data collection that is designed for your specific needs.

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We provide support in all parts of the journey; from applying for funding and writing ethics application to preparing your eHealth data and results for publication.

  • Writing a grant- or research ethics application: We can provide support for applying for funding in eHealth and writing eHealth research ethics applications.
  • Choice of eHealth tool: We can help you choose the right tool for your eHealth study. We have experience in using a wide variety of eHealth tools and can provide you with the pros and cons of each of those.
  • Workshops: We can arrange workshops with your team for developing ideas for online interventions or mHealth tools.
  • Usability testing: We can help you make sure the product is easy to use and suitable for your population. We have a long experience in designing tools for usability testing in eHealth.
  • Recruitment of test users: We can help you find test users that can provide information on the usability of your eHealth tool.
  • Implementation: We can provide support for implementation of your Internet delivered intervention or your mHealth tool.

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The eHealth Core Facility wants to facilitate the exchange of information. We provide a meeting point for sharing and learning in the field of eHealth.

Most of our events are free of charge. You can find information about upcoming events on our LinkeIn page (follow us here). If you join our email list, we'll send you information on upcoming workshops, eHealth speed-dating events, courses and other activities. For more custom-made services, please see our offers and prices below.

Our networking & education services

  • Find industry connections: We can help you find the connections you need to develop your eHealth tools.
  • Custom made eHealth workshop: We can plan and arrange eHealth workshops with your team to develop ideas for the eHealth tools and interventions you need.

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Let us make you an offer

Not sure what you want, how to do it or how much it will cost? Please contact us on, shedule a meeting and/or visit our homepage in the KI facility booking system iLab.