Biosafety and quality control

The biosafety of our fish colony is our priority. Based on international recommendations such as guidelines from FELASA, we established and implemented a stringent biosafety strategy when the facility was built.

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Our biosafety strategy

Central parts of our biosafety strategy include the following;

  • The zebrafish core facility is physically divided into different sections. The barrier system is characterized by a controlled movement of staff, users, and consumables.
  • Any animals imported are housed in a physically separated quarantine unit to ensure maximum safety of the main fish colony.
  • A daily health check of all animals is performed by core facility staff
  • A designated veterinarian is overseeing our biosafety routines and SOPs
  • A quarterly health monitoring of sentinel animals, biofilm and live food is performed by accredited companies

Our quality control system

Stringent quality control is the basis for reliable and reproducible scientific results. Our quality management system includes:

  • All husbandry is performed by trained core facility staff. No short-term help such as summer students is taken in.
  • Computerized surveillance and control of water parameters
  • Standardization of all procedures for maximum reproducibility
  • Batching and quality control of solutions and media
  • Sampling of all deliveries for quality control
  • Constant surveillance of viability of all animals raised


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