About the zebrafish core facility

The zebrafish core facility has been established in 2005 and since then received continuous financial support by Karolinska Institutet. Our facility is located on Campus Solna in central Stockholm.

About us at the zebrafish core facility
About us at the zebrafish core facility Photo: Lars Bräutigam

Our staff

We are seven staff members in the zebrafish core facility team and all of us have many years of experience with zebrafish husbandry and zebrafish specific research techniques. We have specialists for rearing and breeding of zebrafish, for aquatic techniques, for cryopreservation and IVF as well as for different research pipelines such as xenotransplantation.

The director of the zebrafish core facility, Lars Bräutigam, has received his PhD at Karolinska Institutet and worked as a postdoc and project manager in different research groups. He has a background in biochemistry, redox chemistry and translational medicine, and 20 years of experience in using the zebrafish animal model in various research areas. Here you can find Lars’ publication list.

Our husbandry systems

The zebrafish core facility was moving into a high-end facility in early 2020. We have one large fish room with a holding capacity of ca 27000 animals which is managed by a fully automated CLS system manufactured by Tecniplast. This room houses our main breeding colony, our genotyping section, and the rearing unit which is equipped with a feeding robot.  In order not to jeopardize the safety of our breeding colony, all imports are housed in our physically separate quarantine unit which contains four Tecniplast active-blue stand-alone racks.

The facility has one terminal procedure room equipped with two Tecniplast active-blue stand-alone racks. In this room, users have unlimited access and can perform experiments with their animals. ¨

Besides, we have an SPF fish room housing Pseudoloma-free zebrafish, a high-containment BSL-2 lab, a main wet-lab and a dry lab.

Guided tours

Are you interested in seeing our zebrafish facility and learn about how a large-scale zebrafish unit works? We regularly provide guided tours for researchers, stakeholders and laymen. Contact the core facility office for booking a guided tour!

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