About StratNeuro

StratNeuro is the strategic research area neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University and KTH for integrating clinical and basic research and to foster a new generation of leaders and scientists in translational neuroscience.

Brain disorders are among the most common causes of disability in high income countries. The European Brain Council has estimated that one third of European citizens will be affected during their lifetime. In addition to the suffering of patients and their families, this leads to enormous costs for society. In spite of the major impact on society, there is a lack of effective prevention and treatments. Karolinska Institutet, together with Umeå University and KTH, therefore has established the strategic neuroscience area StratNeuro.


The vision is that by integrating research in clinical and basic neurosciences, the StratNeuro will significantly advance knowledge to the point where the burden of disease from brain disorders that cause cognitive and motor dysfunctions is reduced. One aspect of this will be a striving to create a truly interactive, translational neuroscience milieu with an international reputation that will attract academic and industrial partners.


The mission is to:

  • Reveal the biological underpinnings of nervous system disorders
  • Identify etiology, pathophysiology, social and environmental risk factors of the major brain disorders
  • Develop biomarkers for early detection and for monitoring disease progress
  • Develop new approaches for prevention and treatment
  • Foster a new generation of leaders and scientists in translational neuroscience