Christina Björklund

Christina Björklund

Principal Researcher
Telephone: +46852485263
Visiting address: Nobels väg 13, 17177 Solna
Postal address: C6 Institutet för miljömedicin, C6 IIR Björklund, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I am a senior researcher and a research group leader at Karolinska
    Institutet. I have my PhD in psychology and docent in Business administration
    from Stockholm School of Economics.


    Docent, Stockholm School of Economics, Busniess Adminstration, 2014.
    PhD in psychology, Stockholm School of Economics, Economic psychology unit,
    Licentiate, Stockholm School of Economics, Economic psychology unit, 1997.
    B.A in psychology , University of Stockholm, 1993
    B.A. in psychology and business administration, Bethany College, Kansas, USA,


  • My research focuses on different aspects of organizational behavior such as work motivation, bullying and sexual harassment, managers and leadership, well-being, work performance, teams, and work environment. Most of the research that I have conducted is related to applied psychology, which relates to problem solving within human behavior such as health issues, and workplace issues. I have also taken part in research projects focusing on intervention and implementation. Implementation research involves research on the implementation and dissemination of effective interventions into practice. These include the development of national guidelines. I am a co-author to several, for example Guidelines for mental illness in the workplace which was developed in collaboration with other researchers, practitioner and Swedish Association of Occupational Health and Safety to prevent mental ill-health. Another guideline that I have co-authored is Guidelines for managing social health risks at work – victimization and bullying.

    Research areas of interest
    • Managers as a group both in public and private sector
    • Work motivation and its relationship to well-being and performance
    • Organizational and social working environment and its relationship to health and performance.
    • Bullying and harassment and its relation to mental ill-health
    • Gender-based harassment in academia (bullying, incivility, sexual harassment)
    • Psychological safety and its relationship to health and safety
    • Interventions and implementation

    Research projects with me as a PI
    • Hierarchies of Health, which looked at managers on different levels in the public sector.
    • Managers in the Firing Line, which examined managers as targets of bullying.
    • A project on young managers from an individual and organizational perspective in the private sector [1].
    • Work environment and productivity in academia (PI together with prof. Irene Jensen)
    • The research and collaboration programme on gender-based vulnerability at KI [2].
    • The role of psychological safety in promoting occupational safety and health in private organizations.
    Other projects that I am a part of but not PI are implementation research studies which,
    aims to identify effective implementation strategies for the implementation
    of an occupational-health guideline to prevent mental ill-health among school

    Commission of trust
    2023- Chairman of KI Work Environment Committee [3].
    2022- Member of the work environment committee at the Institute of Environmental Medicine
    2020-2022 PI for the research and collaboration programme on gender-based vulnerability
    2021 - Expert advisor to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, focusing on victimization and bullying in academia.
    2017 -2022 Teacher representative at the Education Committee at the Institute of Environmental Medicine


  • Course leader and examiner of the Assessment and Intervention course (7.5hp), Master’s programme Work and Health, IMM.
    Leadership course for Educational leaders at KI financed by KIs Committee for Higher Education.


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