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Research at Division of Nursing

The rationale for this research program is to contribute to form evidence based guidelines and new practices, from the patient’s perspective, problems and needs, to secure the patients’ health and wellbeing in every health care situation. Inviting the patient to participation and dialogue is a cornerstone for better safety and a safe patient care. The majority of the studies persued at the division are clinical intervention studies. Health care value and systems as phenomena and their potential and significance for the patients’ health is the research group’s area of competence and interest. We have the ambition to support the development of the care for the vulnerable patient in the future care environment.

Research Groups

Caring in Community Care


Integrative Care

Perioperative Care

Wengström group

Project groups

Ambulatory Care Nursing - ACN

Medical Education Research

Nursing Care of Older People

Primary care - throughout the life

Psychiatric Nursing