Fik-AT - a unique and sustainable wellbeing concept

The Division of Occupational Therapy offers a variety of education and training, in which the Occupational Therapy program with about 230 students plays a vital role. In a collaboration between undergraduate students and program teachers, an informal social platform has been created for students in different groups and teachers within the programme, called Fik-AT.

Table with plates of cakes and fruit

Fik-AT is extra pleasant and sustainable as students and teachers prepare the food themselves and bring their own mugs, which have been created or decorated to allow for personal expression. At each Fik-AT there is a corner with decorative paraphernalia so students can create their own mugs, which will be used throughout the program. Crafting together or just meeting over a good cup of coffee can be a good start for interpersonal relationships.

Participants to a Fik-AT event
Participants to a Fik-AT

Our "Fik-AT" ("café for Occupational Therapists") is organized alternately by students and teachers at the division of Occupational Therapy and welcomes students from all ongoing programmes. The pictures here illustrate a Fik-AT where students from different undergraduate courses, an international course in rehabilitation and our European postgraduate training socialize.

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