Everyday Matters

In the research group Everyday Matters we work across disciplines to address issues concerning everyday life and care. We draw on theoretical and methodological contributions from occupational therapy, anthropology, sociology, design, and ethics.

Every Day Matters
Every Day Matters Photo: Helena Cleeve

Our work concerning eldercare is focused on how everyday life in nursing homes can be improved. We explore this in relation to the physical and social environment, social participation, and learning culture among staff members and healthcare professionals. To make sure that the research is relevant to those concerned, we adopt (and develop) collaborative research methods which allow us to work together with older people, staff members, and family members in different care settings. Our commitment to participatory methods also extends to how we explore health in relation to migration and diversity. 

Examples of research topics:

  • How the environment in nursing homes is designed, and its impact on daily life and care
  • The value of seemingly trivial objects and how they are negotiated in nursing homes
  • How older people living in nursing homes can assert agency and shape their everyday lives
  • Studying learning and learning cultures (especially in eldercare)
  • Health in relation to migration and diversity
  • Developing research methodologies to address complexity and change

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The research group has funding from FORTE: the Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, the Kamprad Family Foundation and the Strategic Research Area Care Science (SFO-V).

Research Leader

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Lena Rosenberg

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Group members

Lena Borell, PhD, Professor, senior

Anna Brorsson, PhD, Lecturer

Helena Cleeve, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

Sophie Gaber, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

Manuel Guerrero, PhD, Affiliated Researcher

Karin Johansson, PhD, Lecturer

Margarita Mondaca, PhD, Lecturer

Marianne Palmgren, PhD student

Sarah Scheer, PhD student

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