Organisation and management at NEURO

Organisational chart and department management group at the Department of Neuroscience.

Aims and objectives

Our aims include the understanding of the complexity of neural circuits, how they are shaped and reshaped during development through adulthood to process sensory information, drive behavior and give rise to the functions of the mind.

Our research has a direct bearing on neurological and psychiatric diseases including neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.

The research activity at the Department falls mostly within four major research areas: Cognitive neuroscience, Genetic and molecular basis of nervous system disorders, Development, biology and pathology of neural cells and Neural networks and behavior. In addition, we have active research within Medical nanoscience that opens up new applications in the field of neuroscience.

Strategic objectives

  • to provide appropriate structures and infrastructures for outstanding neuroscience research
  • to promote young neuroscientists
  • to create collaborative synergies


The Department of Neuroscience has a flat organization with approximately 40 researchers, of which 24 are full professors.

The scientific output of the Department is of very high quality with many publications in high-impact journals (Nature, Science, Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

Teaching represents a fundamental activity at the Department, which participates in several undergraduate courses and postgraduate education programs including the inter-departmental “Doctoral Programme in Neuroscience”. Each year approximately 15 students receive their PhD from our Department and many of our graduates have gone onto distinguished careers in the academic or private sector.

We have implemented a policy of transparency with regard to research quality assess­ment, career development and recruitments. To address this critical task, an international Scientific Advisory Board was established in 2012, chaired by the Nobel Laureate Professor Torsten Wiesel.

Neuroscience is a complex and exciting subject that has progressed enormously, but there is still much more to be discovered. Here, you will get an overview of the interesting research going on in our Department, and you may also recognize people that already have a place in the history of modern neuroscience.

Executive Board

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Gilberto Fisone

Head of Department
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Lennart Brodin

Vice head of Department
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Sigge Berglann

Head of Administration
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Marie Carlen

Associate Professor

Organisation chart

Organisation chart
Department of Neuroscience - Organisation chart.
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