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List of all speakers from previous Bug Corner seminars!



May 23

Speaker:  Sanna Hjalmarsson 

Title of Talk: "The gut-brain axis and nausea of pregnancy in the SweMaMi cohort" 

Speaker:  Kyriakos Charalampous: 

Title of Talk: "The gut microbiome of lean and obese SweMaMi participants"


May 16

Speakers: Arisa Kitagishi and Nelly Mäkinen 

Title of Talk: "The Role of Gut Microbiota and Serum Metabolites in the Development of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy: Investigating the Cross-Talk Between Traumatic Brain Injury and the Gut Microbiota"


April 25

Speaker: Gaël Toubon 

Title of Talk: "Deciphering the early life gut microbiota: research in the preterm population and its relevance in the development of paediatric corpulence"

March 14

Speaker: Emily Vogtmann (National Cancer Institute) 

Title of Talk: "The human microbiome and cancer: From methods to population-based studies"


March 7 2024

Speaker: Miranda Stiernborg (KI)

Title of Talk: "Exploring the gut microbiome in ADHD and schizophrenia spectrum disorder"


February 22 2024

Speaker: Nadja Patenge and Moritz Jansson (University Medicine Rostock)

Title of Talk: "Novel therapeutic approaches to combat streptococcal infections"


February 8 2024

Speaker: Anna Martling (KI)

Title of Talk: "Colorectal cancer – today and in the future"

Previous Years

November 30 2023

Speaker: Luisa W Hugerth (Uppsala University) 

Title of Talk: "Interactions between female sex hormones and the human microbiome"


November 23 2023

Speaker: Henrik Munch Roager (University of Copenhagen)

Title of Talk: "Diet-microbiome interactions - moving beyond microbiome composition to activity"


November 16 2023

Speaker: Mary Kimmel (UNC) 

Title of Talk: "Pregnancy—A Critical Time for Mental Health: Interrogating Perinatal Mental Health with the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis"


November 9 2023

Speaker: Karin Holmfeldt (Linneaus University) 

Title of Talk: "Phage-host interactions in the Baltic Sea - can aquatic phages help us understanding the human microbiome"


October 26 2023

Speaker: George Birchenough (University of Gothenburg)

Title of Talk: "Goblet cells, mucus and mucosal defence"


October 19 2023

Speaker: Kristina Gemzell (KI) 

Title of Talk: "Reproductive Health-from bench-To bed-To the hands of women"


October 12 2023

Speaker: Kilian Kilian Vomstein (MD, OB/GYN)

Title of Talk: "Recurrent pregnancy loss, the immune system and the microbiome: new risk factors leading to new therapies?"


October 5 2023

Speaker: Omry Koren (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Title of Talk: “The microbiome in the first 1000 days of life” 


September 28 2023

Speaker: Nils Landegren

Title of Talk: “Cytokine autoantibodies as a cause of critical infection”


September 14 2023

Speaker: Tamara García Barrera (UHU)

Title of Talk: "Impact of maternal disorders and infections in shaping the metallomic and metabolomic profile of human milk: the potential link with microbiota"


September 7 2023

Speaker: Enrique Joffré (KI and GU)

Title of Talk: ""Uncovering the hidden diversity of Escherichia coli in acute and persistent infections”


June 8 2023

Speaker: Åsa Keita (LiU) 

Title of Talk: "The leaky gut: Gut barrier function in health and disease"


May 25 2023

Alfons Edbom Devall: "The gut microbiome and depression in pregnancy"

Clàudia Gonzáles Valdivia: "Nausea, vomiting and the early pregnancy gut microbiome"


May 11 2023

Speaker: Laura Carroll (UMU)

Title of Talk: "(Meta)genome mining approaches for novel secondary metabolite discovery"


May 4 2023

Speaker: Samuli Rautava (Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki)

Title of Talk: "Pertubations of neonatal gut colonization - impact on growth and health"


April 27 2023

Speaker: Linn Fagerberg (KTH)

Title of Talk: "Next generation blood proteome profiling using proximity extension assay in the Human Protein Atlas"


April 20 2023

Speaker: Elisabet Stener-Victorin (KI)

Title of Talk: "Dissecting mechanisms of polycystic ovary syndrome"


March 30 2023

Speaker: Paul Cotter (Teagasc)

Title of Talk: "Next-Generation Food Microbiome Research"


March 23 2023

Speaker: Rupert Kaul

Title of Talk: "Newsflash! The penis is not a vagina”


March 16 2023

Speaker: Nicholas Bokulich

Title of Talk: "FAIR bioinformatics for reproducible microbiome multi-omics”


March 9 2023

Speaker: Florian Schmidt 

Title of Talk: "Noninvasive assessment of gut function using transcriptional recording sentinel cells"


February 23 2023

Speaker: Keira Melican, KI

Title of Talk: "Tissue responses to bacterial infection: Inflammation, Coagulation and Nerve-Driven Immunity"


February 9 2023

Speaker: Björn Andersson

Title of Talk: "The human virome in diabetes and cancer"


February 2 2023

Speaker: Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir, University of Iceland

Title of Talk: "A tale of two studies – with focus on symbiosis”


January 23 2023

Speaker: Jonas Ludvigsson, KI

Title of Talk: "Swedish healthcare registers and some examples of GI epidemiology"

December 8 2022

Speaker: Emilia Lahtinen, CTMR KI

Title of Talk: "Bacteria vaginosis: Understanding the impact of antibiotic and antibiotic-free treatments on the vaginal microbiome and risk of recurrence (PhD Project in Women's Health)"

Speaker: Fabricio Romero Garcia, CTMR KI

Title of Talk: "Vaginal microbiota for women's health: From bedside to bench and back"


December 1 2022

Speaker: Katja Fall, Örebro Universitet

Title: "Gut Microbiome Studies on the population-level: opportunities for prospective studies of determinants and associated disease risks"


November 24 2022

Speaker: Tilman Klassert, Helmholtz

Title: Microbiome analyses of human and environmental low-microbial-biomass samples in the clinical setting


November 17 2022

Speaker: Simon Fredriksson, Colibri Venture

Title: "Research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and investments in the life sciences"


November 10 2022

Speaker: Cecilia Williams, SciLifeLab


October 27 2022

Speaker: Tove Fall, Umeå Universitet


October 20 2022

Speaker: Petter Brodin, KI


October 13 2022

Speaker: Helen Wang, Umeå Universitet


October 6 2022

Speaker: Thomas Tängdén, Umeå Universitet


September 29 2022

Speaker: My Hedhammar, KTH


September 15 2022

Speaker: Gunnar Söderström


September 8 2022

Speaker: Supriya Mehta,  Rush University Medical Centre


September 1 2022

Speaker: Nicolas Segata


August 25 2022

Speaker: Lionel Guy, Umeå Universitet

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