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Postdocs at MTC 2017

Life as a Post Doc at MTC

The fight against infections and cancer worldwide are the major goals of the research at MTC. The merge of infection biology, immunology and tumor biology provides an unique platform where fruitful interactions and collaborations are developed. Several core facilities including the Karolinska Institutet Visualization Faciity (KIVIF) and the FACS Facility provide an excellent infrastructure. MTC has an exceptional diversity of researchers from all over the globe enriching each others scientific and social life. MTC's famous daily seminars and numerous international and national collaborations, including clinical partners, makes it a perfect place for transfering knowledge and creativity. We encourage talented Post Docs with a passion for science to join MTC!

Job Opportunities for Post Docs at MTC

Post Doc positions regularly pop up at MTC. You can read more about research areas on the research link on the MTC Website.

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