Linking Science and Business - We Have Students for This

What is bioentrepreneurship?

“Bioentrepreneurship is a field of study which combines social sciences, biomedicine, natural sciences and technology with innovation processes."

The Master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet focuses on strategic and operative issues in the life science industry, and prepare our students with a deeper understanding of the processes and strategies needed to lead a successful project or company in this knowledge-intensive sector. A key concept within this programme is the application of knowledge in a business setting. The programme includes two internship periods and a thesis that can be a project in a company setting. Here is what you as a company gain! Our students bring an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to your company and are eager to put their knowledge into practice.

"Usually, you have scientists who are brilliant but they don’t really know business. And you have business people who are brilliant at business, but they don’t really understand the science part. That’s the gap we want to fill". Madelen Lek, Programme Director

"The value that the students brings into the company cannot be bought from consultants or gained through internal promotions or initiatives - their genuine curiosity and pioneering spirit helps us to think differently and be humble to the outside world". Björn Arvidsson, Roche

"It is extremely valuable for us to have students with us for a shorter or longer period. They bring an outside perspective that can be very important. There is always a risk that we become blind to flaws, that is where the students help to broaden the perspectives again". Bengt Mattsson, Pfizer

For further information please contact Programme Director Madelen Lek

Examples of companies with student interns


AbbVie , AbleOn, ACO, BioLamina, Bristol Myers Squibb, Diamyd Medical AB, Elekta, Endovascular Development AB (Endovab), GE Healthcare, HealthiHabits, Merck Sharp & Dohme MSD, Pfizer, QBtech AB, Qinematic AB, Roche AB, Roche Diagnostics, Comentum, Perimed, TirmedPharma, Care to translate, VistaFeet, Biotage, Addeira Pharmaceuticals AB, Norberg Medical, Havio Health, Alba Health, Leia, Biogaia, Matrix Muscle Support, Antler, Safetrach, SwedenBIO


Charles River Associates (Germany), Deallus Consulting (UK), Ernst and Young (Germany), Kasve (Finland), Philips (the Netherlands), Polyclinique La Medicale (Rwanda), Pope Woodhead (UK), SpeeDx (Australia)

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