Projects and Services at Evaluation Unit (EVAL)

All of our projects rely on state-of-the-art research and have a strong scientific foundation, regarding both the field of the evaluation and the evaluation methods used.

Our team of evaluation experts can help with anything from a short consultation to designing and conducting large evaluations including multiple data sources and evaluation methods. We can:

  • Design, plan and conduct evaluations for your research project, course, innovation, or intervention.
  • Assess and advise in evaluation design and instruments (surveys, interview guides, observation templates etc.)

We specialize in evaluating courses as well as whole programmes, teaching methods, and other innovations for learning. We often work together with different education programmes to develop functional, effective and useful quality systems with the goal of enhancing the quality of the education.

Our evaluations have covered diverse subjects such as patient experience, IT support, collaboration, animal welfare, and education.

Previous stakeholders for these kinds of projects include research groups; Stockholm County Council; National Board of Health and Welfare; interest associations such as patient organisations; educators; central administrative functions; and departments both within and outside of KI.


We consult on a wide variety of evaluation and questionnaire-based projects when stakeholders need help with either conducting the whole project or specific parts such as:

  • Creating frameworks, data collection tools, or methods
  • Identifying focus and purpose
  • Giving expert feedback on tools and methods
  • Collecting data
  • Assembling evidence
  • Analysing and interpreting data in relation to purpose and context
  • Compiling results as summaries, reports and/or presentations
  • Distilling conclusions and recommendations
  • Communicating and disseminating findings and providing feedback to stakeholder

Our vision is that the evaluation process should be research based, rigorous, systematic and ethical.

To learn more about our team or contact us, please visit Lifelong Learning in Healthcare Contexts

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