PhD projects - Lifelong Learning in Health Care Contexts

Currently two PhD students are part of the Lifelong Learning in Health Care Contexts research group. Also, senior researchers in our team supervise PhD students in other groups who often join us in our shared activities.

Agnes Elmberger

From theory to practice – explorations of how clinicians transfer knowledge from faculty development

This project uses an activity theoretical approach to explore clinical teachers’ engagement in faculty development activities and how they transfer their learning from such activities into their teaching practices in clinical settings.

The project explores transfer of educational innovations developed in a faculty development program, as well as transfer of new knowledge and skills attained in faculty development.
The research focuses on systemic and contextual factors influencing the processes related to knowledge transfer and aims at contributing to the enhancement of teaching practices in clinical settings, as well as advancing the field of faculty development.

Supervisors: Klara Bolander Laksov, Erik Björck, Juha Nieminen, (all Karolinska Institutet) and Matilda Liljedahl (Sahlgrenska Hospital).

Ralph MacKinnon

An exploration of the use of a health care advocacy tool and cognitive aid implementation to improve the care of traumatically injured children

The aim is to determine what constitutes a high-quality stabilization of a traumatically injured child. The project further aims to explore the use of a tool to capture readiness and quality of stabilization and feed this back to the healthcare professionals and hospital administrators to enhance patient outcomes, safety and trauma team performance.

This project involves the use of high fidelity paediatric simulators as surrogate real patients and a mixed methods approach to capture data on the perspectives of individuals involved in trauma care and the performance of trauma teams.

Supervisors: Terese Stenfors, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz and Karin Pukk-Härenstam (all Karolinska Institutet).

Dissertations in LLiHCC