Research & Collaboration in LLiHCC

Our research in Lifelong Learning in Health Care Contexts seeks to increase our common understanding of how the complex phenomenon of learning takes place and how it can best be supported at all levels, from the individual student, teacher or patient to the organisation or larger educational context.

Our topics of interest can be grouped into four main areas based on four different types of agents:


Research in student learning may include the exploration of questions regarding student understanding and experiences; assessment; learning environments; and curriculum development.

Health care professionals (including clinical teachers)

The research field of lifelong learning and continuous professional development for health care professionals may include research regarding teaching and learning methods (simulation, web-based learning, reflection groups), learning in a particular content area (for example patient safety), leadership, and inter-professionalism.


The research field of patient learning may include research regarding patients’ perceptions, patients’ learning regarding a certain condition or disease, or patient learning via e-tools.

Organisations (including quality improvement)

The field of organisational learning includes research on leadership as well as the impact of different parts of the health care organization on learning from a systems perspective.


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