Division of Clinical chemistry

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The division aims to understand and explain pathology at a biological level and to develop new strategies for diagnosis and follow-up of patients by biological testing.

The ambition of a clinical chemist should be that of serving as a molecular expert in the health-care system. Clinical chemistry is building bridges between basal and more clinically oriented research. The division is involved in a number of basal research projects as well as clinically oriented projects.

Research groups

Ingemar Björkhem/Ulf Diczfaulsy research group

Anders Helander research group

The LXR research group

Lipo-Group Research Constellation (LGRC)


We teach medical students and biotechnicians.

Acting division head

Project Manager

Lise-Lotte Vedin

Organizational unit: Division of clinical chemistry
E-mail: Lise-lotte.Vedin@ki.se

Division administrator

Department administrator

Lena Isabar

Phone: +46-(0)8-585 812 90
Organizational unit: Division of clinical chemistry
E-mail: lena.isabar@ki.se

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Divison of Clinical chemistry
C1 62 Karolinska University hospital Huddinge
14186 Stockholm


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Dilruba AhmedResearch assistant
Ahmed OsmanGraduate Student
Ulla AnderssonLecturer
Niklas BarkAssociated
Soheir BesharaAssociated
Ingemar BjörkhemProfessor, senior
Germán CamejoAssociated
Ulf DiczfalusyAdjunct professor
Gösta EggertsenProfessor emeritus
Jenny FlygareSenior researcher
Paolo GaragnaniAssociated
Laura Goobar LarssonAssociated
Magnus Daniel HanssonAssociated
Said HavarinasabLecturer
Anders HelanderAssociated, Adjunct professor
Maura HeverinLecturer
Eva Hurt-CamejoAdjunct professor
Lena IsabarDepartment administrator
Abdelrahman IsmailGraduate Student
Tomas JakobssonAssistant professor
Britta LandinAssociated
Karin LittmanGraduate Student
Doris Lund-EgloffLecturer
Anita Lövgren SandblomLaboratory technician
Kristian LöwbeerAssociated
Mirko MinnitiPhD student
Christine NardiniAssociated
Maria OlinBiomedical scientist
Paolo PariniProfessor/senior physician
Matteo PedrelliResearch coordinator
Camilla PramfalkAssistant professor
Anna-Klara RundlöfSenior lecturer
Johanna RönnqvistAdjunct lecturer
Johan SaldeenAssociated
Knut R. SteffensenSenior researcher
Veronika TillanderAssociated
Lise-Lotte VedinProject Manager
Maria WatterSenior lecturer
Lisa WiklundAdjunct lecturer