The zebrafish core facility

The zebrafish core facility houses more than 35 000 adult zebrafish and more than 250 different genetic lines. This makes us the largest zebrafish facility in the Nordic region.

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a powerful and well-established model organism. It's cost-effective husbandry and rapid development, the availability of thousands of transgenic strains as well as its extraordinary imaging properties makes the zebrafish a clinically relevant animal model for basic and translational research.

Importantly, and the zebrafish model can both refine and reduce animal experiments carried out in traditional rodent systems.

Zebrafish quick-facts

  • Clinically relevant model for human physiology and pathology
  • Rapid, external development of optically clear embryos
  • Zebrafish as the only vertebrate that can be used in high-throughput screenings
  • Thousands of transgenic and knock-out lines freely available
  • Fast genetic accessibility
  • No requirement of an ethical permit if embryos < 5 days are used
  • Cost-effective husbandry

General facts

The zebrafish core facility has moved into a new state-of-the-art facility build by Tecniplast in early 2020. It is divided into different barriers to ensure the health and safety of the zebrafish colony. The main fish room holds a total of 7000 L water and is equipped with 1700 housing tanks, a dedicated genotyping rack and a robotic feeding system. A Tecniplast calypso tank washing unit and a sentinel system ensure highest health standards.

Besides the main fish room, the zebrafish core facility has a quarantine unit with four activeBlue stand-alone racks for raising of zebrafish with unknown health status and imported lines. An additional open-access unit with two activeBlue stand-alone units allows researchers to have access to their zebrafish 24/7.  

Our staff

Currently, we have five full-time and one part-time staff working at the zebrafish core facility. All our staff is is experts in zebrafish husbandry and aquatic techniques.

We are happy to help all researchers with specific experiments and share with other zebrafish facilities our knowledge and experience in zebrafish husbandry, facility design and aquatic techniques.

Our transgenic lines

Our zebrafish core facility houses more than 250 different wildtype, transgenic and knock-out lines. The most commonly used lines are owned by the zebrafish core facility and available to any researcher. The other strains are readily shared between our users on an MTA basis.

We assist you with importing any available zebrafish line from other laboratories or stock centers worldwide.

Our offering

Our zebrafish core facility is the central node for all zebrafish research at Karolinska Institutet. We naturally also offer all our services to academic research groups from other universities as well as companies.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Providing research groups with animals from wildtype and transgenic lines
  • Providing specialized equipment for zebrafish experiments
  • Training researchers in zebrafish-specific techniques
  • Providing project consultation
  • Running complex zebrafish studies for internal and external academic research groups
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