Courses and education on zebrafish

You need to be educated according to current regulations to handle your fish in research projects. This competence will minimize animal suffering and optimize your research results.

The zebrafish core facility at Karolinska Institutet provides a wide range of educational programs for both researchers and animal technicians. Furthermore, we regularly lecture in master and graduate programs and provide guided tours through our animal facility for researchers, stakeholders as well as laymen.

Zebrafish laboratory animal science - Theory


If you would like to work with zebrafish which are 5 days or older, you will need to take a species-specific laboratory animal science course. The zebrafish core facility at Karolinska Institutet took the lead in 2021 and established together with experts in the field a new online zebrafish laboratory animal science education.

Register for the theory course here

Zebrafish laboratory animal science -  Practical part

After finishing the theoretical part of the zebrafish laboratory animal science course, we can provide you with the compulsory practical education. During this 2-day hands-on module, you will learn about the aquatic technique in research facilities as well as about colony biosafety and have hands-on training on basic zebrafish husbandry and minor procedures.

Book a practical session by contacting the zebra fish core facility office

Hands-on training for animal technicians

The zebrafish core facility provides hands-on training for animal technicians which would like to gain competence in zebrafish husbandry. Please contact the office of the zebrafish core facility for more information.

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