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For international clinical staff

KONTAKT has been adapted and studied in cultural contexts outside of Sweden (Australia, Germany, Norway) or studies are underway (e.g. China/Taiwan, Turkey, Spain). Therefore, we offer english-spoken KONTAKT-clinical training regularly at KIND. Adaptation to other languages and cultural contexts require cooperation with KIND and Hogrefe publishing. The english-spoken KONTAKT-clinical training is based on the trials conducted in Sweden and Australia.

KONTAKT: clinical training

KONTAKT is an evidence-based and manualized social skills group training for children (8-12 years) and adolescents (13-19 years) with autism (ASD) without intellectual disability. Based on cognitive behavioural therapeutic-principles;  group activities and themed discussions regarding social cognition, social interaction and self-reflection and reflection of others social behaviors are completed according to a recurring agenda. Participants are included in either a short (12 sessions) or a long (24 sessions) version of the program in a group (4-8 participants) with at least two group-trainers.

In order to become a KONTAKT group trainer it is strongly recommended that you complete methodological training.

The international KONTAKT: clinical training is offered online via Canvas – a learning platform – two times per year. The course ranges over one month and consists of self-learning modules, completed at participants own pace, as well as a live joint seminar with fellow course participants and the instructors. Instructors are available online throughout the course.

Certified KONTAKT trainer

In order to become a certified KONTAKT trainer, structured methodological supervision and training is required. KIND manages training and certification. Following completion of the course KONTAKT: clinical training the trainer is required to lead a KONTAKT-group while getting structured supervision by KONTAKT-educators at KIND (3 h/month). After that, the trainer will lead a KONTAKT-group independently, i.e. without structured supervision. Over this period the trainer share a recorded KONTAKT-session with KIND for assessment of training skills prior to certification. A certified KONTAKT-trainer may lead KONTAKT-groups independently and offer KONTAKT: clinical training as well as KONTAKT: supervision to other professionals within their organization. For more information and information on scheduled courses, please contact KIND:s course administrator Lisa Wilsson:

KONTAKT: clinical supervision

You may request methodological supervision of KONTAKT-implementation following participation in the course KONTAKT: clinical training. For more information and information on scheduled courses, please contact KIND:s course administrator Lisa Wilsson:

Certified KONTAKT educator

To become a certified KONTAKT educator you express interest to KIND. Following this, KIND will observe when the candidate delivers KONTAKT: clinical training within their organization. A certified KONTAKT educator may lead KONTAKT-groups independently as well as offer other professionals the course KONTAKT: clinical training and KONTAKT: supervision, both within their organization and to other organisations. For more information and information on scheduled courses, please contact KIND:s course administrator Lisa Wilsson:

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