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The department has approximately 60 employees, whereof 7 professors, 100 PhD student and 140 affiliated researchers.

Organisation KI SÖS


Department of Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset | Karolinska Institutet

118 83 Stockholm | Sweden


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Erik Melén

Head of Department, Professor
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Anders Sondén

Vice Head of Department / GUA
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Pia Vångö

Head of Administration

Administration | Human resources | Webb

Malin Holm Blomquist

Research administrator

Britta Barkeling

Administrator Invoice, expense, purchases and archive management

Jessica Ekberg

Human resources

Cecilia Bodén

Web editor


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Christian Hörnqvist

Financial controller

Invoicing address

Karolinska Institutet
Box 23 109
104 35 Stockholm

Reference: ZZS1_ _ _ _ _ _

Important numbers

Institution designation: S1

Organization number: 202100-2973

Bank giro: 5217-0198

VAT number: SE202100297301


Always contact the department's finance function when you need to request funds: ekonomi@kisos.ki.se.

Project calculation template

Contact ekonomi@kisos.ki.se to get a project calculation template with current percentages for INDI and LKP.

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