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There are approximately 100 registered PhD students conducting research within a wide range of areas, from educational research to research on children's allergy.

PhD students
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Many of the doctoral students are registered in areas that affect large amounts of people as complications during labour, stroke, diabetes, allergy and HIV.

Admission process

On 1 July 2018, KI introduced new admission regulations for doctoral education. The reason for the change was that the previous regulations contravened the Higher Education Ordinance and the Higher Education Act. Information on the new regulations, including its four steps, has been formulated centrally at KI. One important difference from the previous regulation is that the individual study plan (ISP), defining how the student will attain the intended learning outcomes of the doctoral education, now is digitally produced after the student is accepted for doctoral education. Information on the admission regulations can be reached here, including associated forms.

At KI SÖS we kindly ask the applicant to include step 1 through 3 already at deadline for application of admission. Thus, please include forms with associated attachments regarding establishment of doctoral position, (1), recruitment (2) as well as admission decision (3).

A reference group, led by the Director of Doctoral Education, will evaluate whether the requirements for establishment of the doctoral position are fulfilled and the prerequisites for a successful subsequent admission exist (Step 1-4). At Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS), where most applicants are clinicians, the employment will not change due to the acceptance of the applicant to the doctoral education, which differs from non-clinical researchers. Consequently, most applicants are exempt from the advertising requirement described in Step 2. After that the ISP is completed, the new doctoral student is provided with an opportunity to hold a ISP-seminar. The ISP-seminar, including a short presentation, about 10 minutes long given in English, serves as a welcome of the new student, and a possibility to obtain feedback on the project (Step 4). KI SÖS will arrange meetings where admissions will be evaluated and ISP-seminars twice every semester.

Application 2024

Occasion 1

Deadline for application to admission: 23/1

ISP-seminar: 5/3

Occasion 2

Deadline for application to admission: 26/3

ISP-seminar: 21/5

Occasion 3

Deadline for application to admission: 27/8

ISP-seminar: 15/10

Occasion 4

Deadline for application to admission: 22/10

ISP-seminar: 10/12

Doctoral Board at KI SÖS

Anna Nopp Scherman, Chairman, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Eva Joelsson Alm, Anaesthesia department/CU

Anna Lindholm Olinder, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Patrik Lyngå, Cardiology department

Caroline Nilsson, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Martina Persson, Sachs' Children and Youth Hospital

Hans Pettersson/Michael Andersson Franko, Statistician

Half-time review

The half-time review shall be carried out for every doctoral student who will be taking a doctorate. The procedures for half-time review are the same for all the departments at Karolinska Institutet.

However, a few routines and forms are unique to KI SÖS. The principal supervisor should at the latest 6 weeks prior to the half-time review propose 3 board members. Application form half-time review KI SÖS.


The doctoral courses are advertised twice yearly and the last application date is 15 May (autumn courses) and 15 November (spring courses). Doctoral courses catalogue

PhD students representatives

The aim of the representatives at KI SÖS is to work for a research friendly environment and guard the interest of the doctoral students in the decision process. The PhD students representatives are members of the Department council and other committees at the department.


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