Work Environment at KBH

The work environment group at KBH manages a proactive and systematic work environment task.

The work environment group meets at least twice a semester and supports the department head in conducting safety inspections, preparing action plans for the work environment and in being the link between the Department, the Work Environment Committee, the Employer Health Care and the Student Health Care at KI.

The group’s chairman is also the Department’s representative in KI environmental and sustainable development group.

Members of the Work Environment Group


Cecilia Dominguez

Safety Representative

Dorina Ujvari

Research specialist

Lars Ottosson

Research specialist

John Inge Johnsen

Principal researcher

Ewa Andersson

Senior lecturer

Mikael Reimeringer

Affiliated to research

Elisabet Bergsten

Research specialist

Linda Ljungblad

Postdoctoral studies

Bodil Moberg

Writing instructor

Nina Jäntti

Affiliated to research

Adena Pepich

Clinical assistant

Anna Fridell

PhD Student