Admission procedure

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The general rules for admission to doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet are the same for all Departments.

Rules and general syllabus

However, there are some specific routines to be followed at the Dept of Women's and Children's Health when applying for admission, eg.:

  • Meeting times for the Admission Board (FUK)
  • Application process for half-time control
  • One year follow-up after registration
  • Travel grants
  • Supplement of certificates and forms upon application for doctoral education

The application for admission to postgraduate studies, dissertation and half-time application must always be submitted to the department's doctoral education administrator.

The department's doctoral education administrator is a contact person for all post graduate matters and will help out with administer time booking and advertising.

ʽGreen light’ – approval of a supervisor before the start of a new doctoral project

Before a new doctoral project can be initiated, the KI department of the principal supervisor must give its approval.


The purpose with ‘green light’ is to assure that all doctoral students at KI have the opportunities and resources needed for a high quality doctoral education. ‘Green light’ is a tool for interfering at an early stage to avoid situations where some of the prerequisites for a good doctoral education are missing.  


To get a ‘green light’ means that the department has given its approval to an intended principal supervisor to recruit a doctoral student. All supervisors must apply for a ‘green light’ even if the doctoral student is recruited in other ways than through advertising, for example when the intended doctoral student is employed by SLL.

The ‘green light’ routine does not replace the admission seminar or diminish the responsibility of the admission board. The admission board will make a full assessment of all aspects (the doctoral student, the scientific project, time plan, co-supervisors etc), at a later stage, while the ‘green light’ is focused on the supervisor and is made at a much earlier stage.

A ‘green light’ is normally only valid for a specific doctoral project and should not be considered as a general approval to supervise. One application is needed for each potential new doctoral student.

Application and assessment

An application for ’green light’ is filed by the intended principal supervisor as early as possible in the process leading to the admission of a new doctoral student.

Please contact the director of doctoral studies, the administrator of doctoral education or the human resource administration of your department for more information.

An assessment will be done of the suitability as supervisor, previous track record and available time for supervision, as well as the financial resources of the applicant.


The ‘green light’ decision is made by the head of the department together with at least two other people at the department (usually the director of doctoral studies and head of administration).

A new doctoral student can from 1 January 2018 only be admitted to doctoral education at KI on the premises that the main supervisor can present an approved ‘green light’ decision at the admission seminar.

Application form green light at KBH

Application for postgraduate studies at KBH


In order to be admitted to a doctoral education at KI, your "Application for assessment of qualifications for postgraduate education" must be approved.

Examination of competence is done by the Central Administration at Karolinska Institutet. The processing time for eligibility is up to three weeks. The decision on eligibility shall be attached to "Application for admission to postgraduate education". More information on the eligibility for postgraduate education can be found here.

Admissions process PhD student KBH

You who apply for doctoral studies at KBH will contact the doctoral education administrator at an early stage to facilitate the application process. In order to get the best possible help we need to know which seminar the presentation is to be conducted and if the doctoral student is scheduled to be employed at KI.

Internal review

All doctoral students at KI receive financial support during their doctoral education. It is the responsibility of the Head of Department to assess whether a doctoral student, upon admission, can be ensured financial support during the entire period of their doctoral education.

The application should be submitted, approximately six weeks before the admission seminar at the department. The Head of Department Office reviews the application to ensure that KI rules are met. The approved application can be submitted for presentation at the admission seminar at KBH.

According to the KI Rules for Doctoral Education at KI (2018), 2.3 "Call for Doctoral Degree", all new doctoral candidates must be advertised and the doctoral candidate must apply for this place in a competitive recruitment process. It is the research funding of the applicant that determines the recruitment process that is going to apply. The doctoral student may use different funding sources during his / her studies.

Employment as a doctoral student

  1. Employment of KI, funded by the supervisor's research grants or newly applied appropriations in KI's name. The employment shall be announced.
  2. Employment of external employer ex. SLL. The level of subsistence should not be less than the KI rules. Under "amount per month", enter the minimum KI rules. A copy of the employer's certificate or employment contract must be attached. If the supply is below KI's rules, it is the principal supervisor who is primarily responsible for maintenance.
  3. External scholarships applied by a doctoral student, paid directly to the doctoral student. An exemption form must be filled in. Should the subsistence level be below KI's scholarship rules, an additional scholarship will be required. Can be signed in agreement with the financier. Scholarships are not equal to employment and therefore not eligible for KI's salary benefits, not SGI or pension-based income. Under "amount per month", enter the minimum KI rules. A copy of scholarships must be attached. If the supply is below KI's rules, it is the principal supervisor who is primarily responsible for maintenance.  


If you are going to advertise a Doctoral Education position, please contact the department's staff manager in good time to assist in the advertising process.

For a Licentiate Degree applying for further education to a doctorate, please contact the postgraduate education administrator for further information.

Information on recruiting doctoral students can be found on KI's internal web site.

In the event of recruitment, the following forms must be sent by email to HR administrators Emelie Ahlin or Karin Björström.

  • Decision to recruit
  • Ad formats (Swedish and / or English) are available on the KBH intranet. KI ID Login required.

The main supervisor is responsible for selection and interviews as well as for motivating the chosen applicant. The chosen candidate submits the form "Application for assessment of eligibility to doctoral education" to the Education Support Office at KI.

The application should compose 

The application (original in paper format, single-sided printing) with all signatures and attachments, must be sent to the postgraduate education administrator at KBH. Before submitting the application to the Department - book the appointment of the administrator (see below) for review of the application, to make sure that it meets all formalities.

  1. Approved application for assessment of qualifications for postgraduate education (form 1)
  2. Application for admission to postgraduate education (form 2). Supplementary support for application at KBH
  3. Individual study plan - doctoral degree or licentiate degree (forms 3.1 & 3.2)
  4. Project plan (max approximately 5 A4 pages) which should contain: background question / hypothesis, possibly. Preliminary results, ethical reflections. Material and method. The applicant's role / effort in the project will be described separately for each part-study. References (in text and in list). The plan should be written in English.
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Copy of approved application for ethical examination for all the subprojects involved and, in the absence of approval, a description of the permissions required
  7. Copy of certificate that the principal supervisor has undergone KI's supervisor training (alternatively other supervisor training approved by the Admission Board). Approved results from the web course for research supervisors must not be older than 5 years.
  8. CV for all supervisors (max 4 pages!)
  9. Document - Dialogue for successful supervision. The first page of the document is to be acknowledged by the principal supervisor and applicant and added to the application.

Reservation of presentation at a specific seminar is only made when the application is approved in the internal review.

Maximum four (4) applications are considered at each admission meeting. You will not be guaranteed a date until your application has been submitted to the Department. Please submit your application at the earliest convenience to guarantee a preferred seminar date.

Research Plan

The research plan will detail the planned doctoral project and should be written in English.


KI's rules, general study plans and forms

Rules and general study plan for Doctoral Education at Karolinska Institutet, are published on the KI-web. The rules for admission to Doctoral Education at Karolinska Institutet are the same for all Departments

However, some procedures are specific to the Department of Women and Children's Health:

  • Meeting times for the Admission Board (FUK)
  • Application process for half-time control
  • One year follow-up after registration
  • Travel grants
  • Supplement of certificates and forms upon application for doctoral education

Forms and documents

Admission seminar dates 2017

  • January 30 at 4.00 p.m.
  • February 27 at 4.00 p.m.
  • March 21 at 4.00 p.m.
  • April 25 at 4.00 p.m.
  • May 23 at 4.00 p.m


PhD Study Director Angelica Lindén Hirschberg

Administrator Anna Sandberg, phone +46 (0)8 5248 23 66

Admission group

The Admissions Board deals primarily with applications for admission to postgraduate studies at the institution. The Director of studies is the chairman of the board and the person at KBH who is overall responsible for the postgraduate education at the department. Administrative issues are handled by the administrator.