The Bergendorff Scholarship

The Bergendorff Scholarship is a newly established scholarship awarded to students in the global master's programme in toxicology at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

The purpose is to support students' practical and research-related training outside the program's regular courses. Internships in a research group are often an invaluable experience and merit for our students and promotes learning as well as future studies and the development of professional networks. Students in the master's program in toxicology are very interested in internships and they will  have the opportunity to apply for the Bergendorff Scholarship to carry out specific research projects in the area of toxicology at KI for two months during the summer between the first and second year. The scholarship can also support student initiated activities that contribute to their further education and training.

The scholarship is open for applications during the spring, and students at the program receive information about how to apply. 

Anders Bergendorff, IMM
Anders Bergendorff, IMM Photo: KI

The Bergendorff Scholarship is named in memory after Anders Bergendorff who was one of the founders of the Toxicology programme and the Programme director between 1976 and 2003. Anders Bergendorff created an education for the needs of society. Through his large network, he engaged both researchers and professional toxicologists as teachers. This programme trained a large part of the toxicologists who early on gave Sweden a high level of competence in toxicology, in research, toxicity testing and risk assessment. The KI ToxMaster programme continues this ambition to contribute to the needs of society, in Sweden and globally.

Read the in memoriam published by KI .


Scholarship awardees

The 2022 awardees were Norna Gabring, Lydia Gugescu, Frazer Boyd och Maria González who presented their internship projects at the Bergendorff seminar December 2nd. 

Recepients of the 2022 Bergendorff Scholarship
2022 awardees Norna Gabring, Lydia Gugescu, Frazer Boyd and Maria González. Photo: Kristian Dreij

How can you support this initiative?

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Swish QR-code

You can support by making a donation to the scholarship, either through a Deed of gift or by Swish to Karolinska Institutet using phone number 123 202 32 08 and including name of giver and "Bergendorff Scholarship". Please contact us for how to donate using a Deed of gift, questions and more information. All contributions are welcome!

Donors will be invited to an annual seminar where the students present their project.

By supporting the Bergendorff Scholarship, you contribute to strengthening toxicological competence within Sweden and globally!


Annika Hanberg

Programme director

Kristian Dreij

Deputy programme director

Anna Beronius

Deputy programme director

Åsa Lycke

Programme administrator