Bachelor/Master Education

The courses and programmes at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) is conducted in close connection with research and working life.

Undergraduate/Bachelor programmes

None at the moment.


Advanced/Master programmes

Master's programme in Toxicology

The programme was one of the first toxicology programmes in the world when it started in 1976. The programme is unique in its two-year cohesive focus on toxicology and human health.

The programme gives students an in-depth knowledge of the broad and interdisciplinary toxicological field. The programme focuses on human health and prepares students for either a research or professional career and provides a solid platform for doctoral education in toxicology-related fields or employment in risk/safety assessment-related areas in the public sector or in industry.

More information here:


Annika Hanberg

Programme Director
C6 Institute of Environmental Medicine

Master's programme in Work and Health

This one-year Master programme was developed after an initiative of the Swedish Government, concerning the education of personnel within the Occupational Health Services.

The programme, which runs in Swedish, has approximately 80 students divided into three tracks: Behavioural Sciences, Ergonomics, and Occupational Nursing. The students have (depending on track) different backgrounds, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, behavioural science, and nursing. More information can be found on the programme's website (in Swedish only):


Jenny Selander

Programme Director
C6 Institute of Environmental Medicine

Study programme in Medicine

IMM organizes the course Health in society and environment (12 credits) during semester 11 at the study programme in Medicine at KI. More information (in Swedish) can be found here:


Karin Leander

Course organizer and examiner
C6 Institute of Environmental Medicine

IMM Education committee

The IMM Education committee has the overall responsibility for the institution's education assignment. This responsibility covers programs and courses. Email address to the Education committee is

Chair (voting right) 

Johanna Zilliacus, Responsible for undergraduate education

Program directors (voting right)

Annika Hanberg (Master's programme in Toxicology)
Jenny Selander (Master's programme in Work and Health)

Lärarrepresentanter (med rösträtt)

Christina Björklund, IMM
Kristian Dreij, IMM
Karin Leander, IMM
Jette Möller, GPH
Magdalena Rosell, BioNut

Studentrepresentanter (med rösträtt)

Dilara Kaya (Master's programme in Toxicology)
Vevona Fernandes (Master's programme in Toxicology)
Lisa Duvekot (Master's programme in Toxicology)
Vacancy (Master's programme in Work and Health)

Stakeholder representative - SLL (voting right)

Maria Albin, CAMM

Other representatives (no voting right)

Åsa Lycke, IMM, programme administrator/study counsellor, Master's programme in Toxicology
Katarina Niinisaari Ribba, IMM, programme administrator/study counsellor, Master's programme in Work and Health
Johanna Bergman, IMM, administrator, Education committee


IMM Education committee meetings 2021

  • February 9 at 9.00-12.00
  • March 8 at 13.00-16.00
  • May 11 at 13.00-16.00