Parental substance use in relation to health and social achievement among the off-spring | EPICSS

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in examining consequences of substance use in people other than the user, also known as `harm to others´. We will examine to what extent substance use among parents affect social and health consequences in children.


Contact person for the project

Anna-Karin Danielsson

Principal researcher
K9 Department of Global Public Health


Association between poverty exposure during childhood and adolescence, and drug use disorders and drug-related crimes later in life.
Manhica H, Straatmann VS, Lundin A, Agardh E, Danielsson AK
Addiction 2021 07;116(7):1747-1756

Fathers' alcohol use and suicidal behaviour in offspring during youth and young adulthood.
Landberg J, Danielsson AK, Hemmingsson T
Acta Psychiatr Scand 2019 12;140(6):563-573

Fathers' Alcohol Consumption and Long-Term Risk for Mortality in Offspring.
Landberg J, Danielsson AK, Falkstedt D, Hemmingsson T
Alcohol Alcohol 2018 Nov;53(6):753-759


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